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Downtown Vision Opens Unused Downtown Locations for Jacksonville Artists


12x12 show @ Thief in the Knight

Terry Lorince from Downtown Vision emailed me yesterday letting me know artists spaces downtown are now open. We talked about this extensively on Urban Jacksonville Weekly last week. Listen to our conversation here.

This is a great opportunity for artists to get studio and display space downtown. Thanks to Downtown Vision, The Cultural Council and Jim Draper for helping to put this together.

There is a process for getting a space, so get started filling out your application. Downtown Vision hopes to receive applications by August 31st. Send your completed application to terry at downtownjacksonville dot org.

Attached please find information on four spaces that have become available by property owners. This information will tell you the overall condition of the space, whether it has electricity or is simply raw space, and the monthly amount needed to cover utilities. Please remember that most of these spaces are on a month by month lease. You should also expect that in each case you will need to provide liability insurance (estimated at about $600 a year), and sign a lease with the owner.

Download all documents in Word Format

The Application

Creative Community Space #1
Near Main and Adams Street. Approximate size of storefront (sq. ft) 1,700 sq. ft. Approximate space dimensions 10”x13”

Creative Communities Artist Space #2
Near Hemming Plaza – Third Floor Space. Approximate size of storefront (sq. ft) 10,000 sq. ft . Hard wood floors, brick walls, few windows. Approximate space dimensions Very large – more conducive to an artists cooperative.

Creative Communities Artist Space #3
Laura and Independent. Approximate size of storefront (sq. ft) 2,000 sq. ft .. Approximate space dimensions Very large – secure space.

Creative Communities Artist Space #4
Off Laura Street. Approximate size of storefront (sq. ft) 2,000 sq. ft .. Approximate space dimensions Very large – secure first floor retail space in office building . Great street level visibility.

Man Killed at Shantytown Last Night


UPDATE: At the request of Shantytown, I’ve closed comments until all the details are worked out. This is a personal favor to Ian and Shantytown.

New Shantytown Sign

Details are sketchy but a man was shot and killed at Shantytown last night around 12:30. Whether it was inside, out back or out front is unknown. Whether is was a patron or bystander is unknown. Twitter is also quiet on the topic.

What I have heard on the SPAR Forum is Marianne & Ian (owners) and Tex (barkeep) are all ok. If anyone has details you can post them here. Also these forum posts are following the news:

SPAR Council and Metro Jacksonville .

Non-Profit Social Media Monday: and Tales from the Line

Comments was launched this month by The Non-Profit Center.

it is a combined effort of Jacksonville’s nonprofit sector, representing those nonprofits that provide essential safety net assistance, cultural programming, economic development, and children’s services—all of which help make Jacksonville a compassionate, vibrant community.

The site aims to capture 10,000 surveys in about two weeks. So please, if you have time, complete the survey. It takes about minute, you can do it! Please pass this on to a friend, post on Facebook or tweet it.

This is another great example if how non-profits in the city are using digital media to communicate their message quick, viral and for little cost. Non-profits who begin building these social networks now will reap the benefits as their network expands in the years and months to come. If you are a non-profit, get started using these tools now, you’ll be happy you did.

Stories From The Line

The Sulzbacher Center continues to kill it with social media. Not only are they jumping into social media headfirst (and doing a good job at it) they’re now using media like video to convey their mission and message.

Three times a day men and women line up for a free meal at the Sulzbacher Center. They will feed anyone and everyone. Here is one story from the line:

Six New Jacksonville Blogs & Lightboxing Tonight at Refresh!


(1) State of the RE:Union Jacksonville Edition

State of the RE:Union Jacksonville Edition

Al Letson’s State of the RE:Union blog for Jacksonville launched earlier this month. It kicked off with interviews of Tony Allegretti, Burro Bags and The Urban Facelift Project from Content Design Group. Not a bad start if you ask me.

Notable Features: Tweets from State of the RE:Union, music tracks from local artists, “docu-shorts” and the awesome promo trailer produced by Jacksonville’s own Dripsblack.

State of the Re:Union Promo from stateofthereunion on Vimeo.

(2) AIGA Jacksonville Blog

AIGA Jacksonville Blog

AIGA Jacksonville just launched it blog and I anticipate good things form them. AIGA is the professional association for design in Jacksonville and they say the blog is “a cool little place to capture little design nuggets”.

I had a meeting today with incoming president Varick Rosete to talk about future Urban Jacksonville / AIGA collabos. You can catch the most recent tonight. It’s called Lighboxing and two designers go head-to-head while the design battle is projected on the wall, live for all to see.

Notable Features: None at this point besides great design and information about where to find it in the city.

And this just in! Thursday’s event will have color commentary from @thecrobar / @theurbansouth duo-U dont want 2 miss this!

Here are videos of the two opponents

(3) Jaxlore

Jaxlore Blog

Cutting edge techno music news, interviews, reviews and other assorted tidbits to make the heart and the mind grow stronger.

(4) Jaxunderbelly

Jaxunderbelly Blog

Jacksonville Happenings, Artst Interviews, Call for Artists, Culture, Events, Gallery Happenings and Openings

(5) CWKi?

CWKi? Blog

Definitely keep an eye on this one. Sneakers, hip hop, fashion and locally produced videos. This one is from Summertime in the City 2009.

(6) Jax Stylefile

Jax Stylefile Blog

This is one of the more intriguing new blogs. I can’t wait to see their second post. C’mon ya’ll. Get on it! Here’s how they describe Jax Stylefile:

You may not own a lot in life but you will always have your style. It’s yours. Don’t listen to others. Do what you like. Do what excites you. Embrace that it’s fun to dress up. Be your own stylist. Be inspired but never imitate. Stay true to your soul and let art hang on your limbs. Show the world what’s going on in our culture. It’s all up to you.

Jacksonville is full of interesting and stylish people and we want to capture that for the all the interwebs to see! Now go put on a cute outfit and we will see you on the streets…

Urban Jacksonville Weekly Episode #28


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Special Guest – Terry Lorince of Downtown Vision

Joey – Android is for SUCKAS!

What is Downtown Vision?
non for profit
formed 2000
make downtown premiere place to work, live, visit
get businesses to work together
art walk, hemming plaza market
creating a better downtown experience
Joey – living downtown?
14 downtown ambassadors – report on condition of downtown
contract with Catholic Charities for clean-up
originally, ambassadors picked up trash (insurance/worker’s comp issues)
Joey – hotline?


Abel Harding asks With the proposed cuts in funding for public service grants, Jacksonville’s homeless population is likely to be impacted with fewer services available to them. How do you think that will impact downtown businesses?

Terry – see more transients, strain existing shelters
Joey – Is DVI working with groups on the homeless issue?
Terry – Transients are the issue more so than the homeless. Development/climate make Jacksonville popular place for vagrants, makes them more visible.
Tony – Troublemakers aren’t necessarily homeless but they all get lumped together in people’s eyes.

Matt Abercrombie asks how can we expedite getting artists into vacant and underutilized spaces downtown? who are the sympathetic landlords and what can artists do to make contact?

Terry – Vacant stores downtown is an issue. How do we ratchet up the Art Walk? Jim Draper a major voice to bring artists downtown. DVI has relationship with property owners. What to do between now and when the economy picks up. Leasers have conditions for people using space. Lots of interest from both sides. Interested – terry

Our role is as matchmaker. Fortunate to have Art Center Cooperative.
Tony – Give it a name. Jim Draper as liaison/face.
Joey – Artists find a way to be recognizable and follow-up.

Matt Uhrig asks Many property owners dropped their venue once the DVI demanded to be placed on liability insurance. What liability does the city have once a person steps off a sidewalk and into a private building?

Terry – city owns the sidewalk but DVI assumes liability during art walk, venue assumes liability once patron enters establishment
Tony – BG’s insurance didn’t go up
Back to artists
Tony – use City Hall Annex

Yvonne asks if DVI would ever consider sponsoring (funding/paying) artists to paint murals on the many vacant buildings in downtown? it would be another appeal of art walk, it’ll also help give more life to downtown.

Terry – Thinking the same thing.
Jack – How does DVI feel about street art?
Terry – If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.
Jason (ContentDG) – Familiar with the urban face-lift project?
Terry – $100,000 to contribute to Laura St facade improvement. Decorating on a dime. Rethinking spaces is one of the biggest challenges.
Jonathan – Budget?
Terry – Going to be a tough year. About 1.2 million. Looking at 50% budget cut.
Joey/Tony – Have you looked into social networking?
Terry – Facebook page, 2 MySpace pages, mobile website, DVI website


Joey: Content Design Group site and UJ/TT Mixtape Release Party
Tony: Eat Up Downtown and International Dog Day at the Riverside Arts Market.
Jonathan: Last Thirsty Thursday Suns Game
Terry: terry and The Sinclair
Jack: Infintesmal BBQ

Wednesday August 19
Club TSI
National Dairy

Thursday August 20
Jack Rabbits
Poison the Well

Friday August 21
Club TSI
Nomadic Sun
Juicy Pony
Honey Chamber

Shantytown Pub
Sleeping In the Aviary

Saturday August 22
Future Computers
D.M. Waltz

Infintesmal BBQ #4

Terry Lorince Tonight on Urban Jacksonville Weekly


Photo credit: Tiffany Manning

If you have questions for Terry about Downtown Vision or downtown itself, leave a comment. Here is Terry’s bio from the DVI site:

Terry Lorince became the first executive director of Downtown Vision Inc. (DVI) in 2001. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of economic development, with ten years of specialization in the field of downtown revitalization.

Prior to coming to Jacksonville, Terry was the deputy executive director of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. In the past five years, Downtown Vision has been involved in making Downtown Jacksonville cleaner, safer and more attractive, addressing Downtown’s parking issues, marketing Downtown Jacksonville and becoming an advocate for the interests of Downtown. More recently, Downtown Vision has developed a Downtown Platform to guide the development of Downtown in the coming years.

Terry has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Science in Management and Policy Analysis from Carnegie Mellon University . She is a Board member of the International Downtown Association, the Florida Theatre and the Jacksonville Film Festival.

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