118 Main Street: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Content Design Group’s Urban Facelifts were cruel, reverse foreshadowing of what 118 Main Street would become. Instead of a nice infill project reclaiming a historic Jacksonville building, the city demolished it, frustrating many downtown supporters.

The Urban Facelift Project – #2

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he Urban Facelift Project – #4

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What Now?

Many will say there was no way to save the building.

Metro Jacksonville also posted a piece on this today which includes a little history on the building:

In 1928 Lerner’s clothing shops took over the building, and it is presumed that shortly thereafter the splashy Art Deco facade was added to the first story. The burst of metallic bas-relief decoration above the entrance and above the display windows is one of the city’s most exuberant remaining specimens of Art Deco ornamentation. The stylish lettering denoting “LERNER SHOPS” also displays the Art Deco flair. A remnant of the original cast-iron storefront can be seen at the extreme left of the facade.

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