Brittni Wood

Brittni Wood, Urban Jacksonville contributor and CREATEjacksonville founder, appears in this week’s issue of EU Jacksonville, The Fall Visual Arts Preview. Eleven artists in the Jacksonville area were emailed and asked a few questions. Here is what EU had to say about Brittni:

Brittni Wood is an emerging contemporary artist who is very involved with the young Jacksonville art scene. You can catch Brittni Wood’s work at her solo show at the Jane Gray Gallery. The opening reception will be on Friday, November 2nd. Learn more at She is also currently showing her work in a group show at Pedestrian Projects in San Marco.

EU asked Brittni what she thought would further improve the art scene in Jacksonville?

The next step is working towards building a stronger sense of community within the arts, not just for artists, but for everyone. Artists need to engage the general population through community-building events, such as outreach programs, free workshops, artist and curator lectures, etc. Now is the time.

Other artists featured in this article are: Ian Chase, Mark George, Joanelle Mulrain and Stephanie Shieldhouse.