IGetItJax.com was launched this month by The Non-Profit Center.

it is a combined effort of Jacksonville’s nonprofit sector, representing those nonprofits that provide essential safety net assistance, cultural programming, economic development, and children’s services—all of which help make Jacksonville a compassionate, vibrant community.

The site aims to capture 10,000 surveys in about two weeks. So please, if you have time, complete the survey. It takes about minute, you can do it! Please pass this on to a friend, post on Facebook or tweet it.

This is another great example if how non-profits in the city are using digital media to communicate their message quick, viral and for little cost. Non-profits who begin building these social networks now will reap the benefits as their network expands in the years and months to come. If you are a non-profit, get started using these tools now, you’ll be happy you did.

Stories From The Line

The Sulzbacher Center continues to kill it with social media. Not only are they jumping into social media headfirst (and doing a good job at it) they’re now using media like video to convey their mission and message.

Three times a day men and women line up for a free meal at the Sulzbacher Center. They will feed anyone and everyone. Here is one story from the line:

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