The amazing Art Behind the Fridge boys contributed cover art to this Urban Jacksonville Mixtape. You won’t meet a nicer pair of dudes in the city. They’re always involved in the art community and we’re lucky to have them. Thanks to you Nick and Jim!

Download Urban Jacksonville Mixtape #13

If you like what you hear, you can get more tonight at First Friday’s in 5 Points. I’ll be DJing at Underbelly from 9 till close. Treehouse Yall! Nick Fresh will be there from 6-9 and there will be a show featuring art from the famous Jacksonvillian Jim Draper.

On To The News

I'm Board IV from Tara Kane
Credit: I’m Board IV from Tara Kane

I'm Board IV from Kicksluvme904
Credit: I’m Board IV from Kicksluvme904

It was an epic FAIL to miss last night’s I’m Board IV. I heard it was awesome. Until next year! Here’s some footage from my friend Dennis, now let the rest of the photos and videos roll in!

I’m Board Art Show from Thought & Theory on Vimeo.

Re-imagining JTA

The Concept Design students at the Art Institute have been working on a JTA re-design project. The studente have re-envisioned the logo, the bus stop sign, bus wrap and bus stops.

You can see all of their work on the class blog.


Springfield Car Wash Heading for Appeal

The Springfield car was hype machine is revving back up
Silas Jones is probablly silently singing that O Jay’s song to him self: they smile up in your face, backstabbers. Last month Silas’ carwash was approved by the SPAR and now there are behind-the-scenes efforts to get the approval reversed by some on the SPAR board.

Many supporters of the carwash say this negatively impacts the development of the neighborhood by devoting energy to sqaushing a project instead of working with the business owner to help him push his project forward. At this point Silas Jones has spent about $400,000, according to some.

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