This morning’s show was cancelled but there’s still some good shows going on this week you need to know about. Get out there and support your local scene!

Monday, February 8

Freebird Live ($24)

a little emo/pop-punk blast from the past
New Found Glory
Saves the Day

Tuesday, February 8

Black Pearl Warehouse (free.99)

1971 Dobbs Rd. St. Augustine Fl. 32086
Pre-International Noise Conference
bands from across Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and more converge on their way to Miami for the International Noise Confernence
biku (Baltimore, MD)
AG Davis (Palatka, FL)
Bright Orange (Jacksonville, FL)
Chicken Jolt (Jacksonville, FL)
Dark Inside the Sun
Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, PA)
ECM3 (St. Augustine, FL)
Hex Apparatus (St. Augustine, FL)
Hot Mess (Jacksonville, FL)
How I Quit Crack (Alief, TX)
Marlo Eggplant (Seattle, WA)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed (Philadelphia, PA)
minim (Gainesville, FL)
Mr. Lazari (Philadelphia, PA)
Oddknock (Gainesville, FL)
Pony Payroll Bones (GA)
Scared Rabbits (Jacksonville, FL)
Sphinxes (Jacksonville, FL)
Stress Ape (Chicago, IL)
Terror Probe (St. Augustine, FL)
The Lady of Situations (Gainesville/Tallahassee, FL)
The Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia, PA)
Trapbomb (Jacksonville, FL)
Waterdigger (Tampa, FL)

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Thursday, February 11

TSI ($5)

infintesmal record’s weekly sirens night
Thumbnail Sketch

Dustin Harewood’s Portraits Exhibit

Art Institute

From the Ai Event Page:

Dustin Harewood’s large-scale portraits explore the complexity of the common gaze; a gaze that can magnify both expression and vacancy. These never-seen-before works are a shift from the popular abstract paintings that have become a signature of Mr. Harewood.

Friday, February 12

Warehouse 8B ($3-5)

support the movement!

AC Deathstrike
Thee Tsar Bombas
Sunday Cervix

Super Wonderful (free.99)

1992 San Marco Blvd.

Exhibition featuring works by:
Matt Allison
Clay Doran
Barrett Fiser
Dustin Harewood
Tonya Lee
Kyle Lemstrom
Jen Morgan

Listen to Kyle talk about the show from UJW.
Facebook Event Page

Facebook Event Page

Saturday, February 13

Pass the Mic ‘N Bike II (free.99)

the first event was a much-talked about success, not to miss. meet at memorial park at 7:45. on your bike of course.

Premadonnasaurs (St. Augustine)
Staring Daggers
Devil Runs the Truckstop

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The Red Affair ($15 Donation)

Karpeles Manuscript Museum
101 W 1st Street

spoken word, neo-soul and poetry hosted by Tough Junkie