Based on the National Historic Places, Avondale and Riverside Jacksonville are one of the coolest and oldest places. It is included as the 10 greatest neighborhoods of the country. Avondale and Riverside have its own unique combination of culture, charm, history, and modern style that you can find it more and easily when coming to those places. Those places are a modern part of the city consists of young population. There are so many waterfront houses and the upscale buildings which do not include the pretentious style of buildings. Those buildings give the sense of urban living and local community. There is also a world-class building such as Cummer Museum which is placed in Riverside neighborhoods.

When you are coming to the Riverside Jacksonville, you will find that there are many spots that you can visit as your destination. For example is in Bohemian neighborhood which consists of outdoor cafes, nightclubs, antique stores, boutiques, and many more. In addition, you will also find food and beer cafe which will be easily found in the King Street. Furthermore, there are local owned restaurants, breweries and bars which each of them can bring the visitors from all of the ages to enjoy their free time at this place. You will find hundred visitors come to this place in every weekend to enjoy the view and service in this place.

Riverside Jacksonville provides so many places that you can visit to live there for a while or for a long time. In this Riverside, you will be able to do anything that you have ever dreamt about. Doing the activities or just staying at your apartments or hotels is possible. There are many kinds of activities that you can do with your family, couple, relatives, and many more to enjoy the historical and cultural style of this place.