Wednesday, 29th March 2017, there was the auctioned of pink diamond that becomes the hottest Jacksonville news. It is the most valuable diamond ever to be offered in the auction which was held in Sotheby’s auction, Hong Kong. That ‘Pink Star’ consists of 59.6 carat which was sold for about 71.2 million dollars in the auction on Tuesday. It becomes the new record in the world for the most expensive jewel or diamond based on the auction trade. It is the kind of oval mix cut jewel that was smashed 60 million dollars pre-sale that Sotheby’s estimated when this diamond came to the block.

This hottest Jacksonville news comes from the Sotheby’s auction. Three years later after the diamond was sold with the higher prices in another auction in Geneva, this sale comes. The buyer has canceled the deal and then that sale was held again in the other Sotheby’s auction. That diamond is the most beautiful flawless vivid pink gem ever that is graded by Gemological Institute in America. This gem was sold for the first price is about 63.0 million dollars, but it does not include the buyer’s gift. It is said that the buyer of that pink diamond in Chow Tai Fook, a Jewelry Company in Hong Kong which bear down two other bidders to get this pink diamond.

Before this Jacksonville news updated, the most costly gem ever that was sold in the auction was ‘Oppenheimer Blue’ it fetched for about 57.6 million dollar on last May. In addition, previous world record for pink diamond trade in the auction was only 46.2 million dollars for the ‘Graff Pink’ when 2010. Sotheby’s said that at this time is the right time to bring back the diamond to the word market because the rising demand of the wealthy Asian buyers.