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Process Organic at Opaq
Text by Brittni Wood

Last night I braved the cold (but incredible) weather and headed down to Art Walk. I am not sure if I got down there a little late or what, but it was practically dead on the streets. Of course Burrito Gallery was packed, but other than that I really didn’t see as many people as I had expected.

Maybe that was because there didn’t seem to be too much happening at this art walk, aside from Process Organic at Opaq, which by the way was quite a treat, as usual. The space was completely transformed. Every wall had been painted and a separate “room” was created within the space that housed a mini-landscape of plants.

Amie in the jungle at Opaq

For more photos from Process Organic, click here.

After eating dinner, I walked across the street to the old library to see what was going on there, and I stumbled across something that I became fascinated with…BOX CITY! It was a fairly elaborate replica of Jacksonville made of mostly boxes and construction paper, that spanned at least twenty feet.

Box City at the old library

Unfortunately, I have little to no background info on this project because the only information around the area was about the sponsors for the project. So, if anyone can fill me in on the specifics that would be great.

Box City at the old library

For more photos of Box City, click here.

FLOOD postcard from Pedestrian Projects

The art stuff doesn’t end there…tomorrow night is FLOOD, a juried exhibition at Pedestrian Projects from 7pm-close. This show will feature the work of Alex Diaz, Jenny Henley, Jeff Rich, Christie Holecheck, Gabriel Wells, and more. There will be free beer and wine too.

Zac Freeman at Winter Selections

Then, of course, there is the Winter Selections show at J. Johnson, which officially (according to the postcard) opens on the 10th, but will have an opening reception on Friday, November 9th from 6-8pm. The show will feature work by Basquiat, Carlos Betancourt, Ingrid Calame, Francesco Clemente, Chuck Close, Walton Ford, Zac Freeman, Jacob Hashimoto, Candida Hofer, Tonya Lee, Pepe Mar, Ryan McGinness, James Rosenquist, Thomas Ruff, Slomotion, Robert Yasuda.

This Weekend: Contemporary Capitol and more!


Contemporary Capitol at PP

Text by Brittni Wood

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are some great art shows happening this weekend, starting tonight. Here’s what I know of so far. If you have any others to list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment about it. I will be taking photos at as many events as you can shake a stick at and will post them here early next week, so check back for that.

Here we go…

First up have Contemporary Capitol at Pedestrian Projects, which starts at 7pm. The exhibit will feature new contemporary art made by artists living in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city. Curated by Sarah Rae Wagoner the show, is conceived as an emissary exhibition in community spirit through contemporary art on a regional scale. Artists include Terri Lindbloom, Mark Messersmith, Dorian Chen, Cindy Miller, Linda Hall, and more.

Tonya Lee at Violet

Then we Tonya Lee’s show at Violet tonight from 6-9pm. Also at Violet that night, view handmade jewelry from April Aultman and new products by Jill Bliss !

Screen Arts

Screen Arts will host a show an opening at Casa Monica Hotel tonight in the main ballroom from 5-9pm. Here’s the info: “Keep a Breast Foundation, the Burlesque Hall of Fame and the Gallery@Screen Arts bring you ‘Breast Defense’ an exhibition of painted plaster casts of renowned burlesque dancers cast at this years Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas and painted by renowned artists such as Derek Hess, Gary Baseman, Mark Mothersbaugh, Iggy Pop, Joe Coleman, Liz McGrath, etc.”

Molly at Anomaly

UPDATED: Molly Riefler’s show is tonight at Anomaly from 6-9pm. The show is entitled Fashion Isn’t Dead.

Last but not least, The Art Institute of Jacksonville will have an opening reception for “Night Moves” tonight from 6-9pm. Artists in the show include Bobby Davidson, Toni Bova, Deborah Brown, Kendrick Kidd, Levi Ratliff, and more. Sorry, no flyer for this one.

Bogda LABOR Show

Also on Saturday night, the LABOR group will have an opening reception at Bogda from 8-11pm. This show will feature artists Byron King, Jason Wright, Kelly Eason, Amie Murray, Roman Bradley, and more.

That’s it for me. Hope to see you at some of these events over the weekend.

Art Shows Galore!


Text by Brittni Wood 

From now until Saturday evening, there will be no shortage of art related events. So far, I have counted seven that shouldn’t be missed. More on that later. For now, let’s just cover Art Walk.

Bogda at Opaq

“One Night Only” Bogda at Opaq Gallery from 5-9pm: Make sure you stop by OPAQ Wednesday, October 3rd (ArtWalk) to see some of Bogda’s favorite artists. Artists include: Amie Murray, Byron King, Jason Wright, Kelly Eason, Megan Cosby, Jason Leader, and Rachel Rosheck.

Then head over to MOCA for a silk-screen demonstration on the fifth floor by James Greene at 6pm. Then at 7pm, also at MOCA, there will be a very special advanced screening of Art21’s newest season. According to MOCA’s website, “The series provides behind the scenes views of the artists in their studios, homes and communities. The artists speak directly to the audience, in their own words, about how, why, and what they create.”

AIGA Works Out


AIGA Work Out

Text provided by Brittni Wood

Tomorrow AIGA will host an annual membership drive from 6-9pm to kick off the next year of events. All members and even non-members are welcome to join in the festivities. The cost is $5 for members and $15 for non-members.

So what will convince you to get up off the couch and go to this thing?

Good question. So glad you asked. Kevin McConkey, Co- founder of Grip Design, will be speaking at 7:30pm AND there will be Hors d’oeuvres with a cash bar.

This event will be held at Historic St. Andrew’s Church (across from Veterans’ Memorial Arena).

Make sure to RSVP at rsvp

Another Weekend of Art Events


 Text provided by Brittni Wood

Two weekends in a row! Up first, we have the St. Augustine Art Walk on Friday (tonight). The Gallery at Screen Arts will hold an opening reception for the Sunday Southern Art Revival, from 6 to midnight, which will run through the end of September. It will feature the work of Atlanta based artists, including George Long, Jesse Cregar, Mario Schambon, Scott Pethia and Tindel-Michi.

Also tonight, Louise Freshman Brown will show her photo collages at the UNF Gallery. The show is entitled Those Things Similar and the opening reception is from 5 to 7pm.

And of course, On the Rocks Art and Music II is tonight as well. This show will feature over 80 exhibitors spread throughout 9 rooms.

On Saturday, September 8th there is a FREE workshop describing the public art process that will be held at the Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum from 1-3pm. The workshop is for artists as well as those interested in learning more about the public art field. Artist, Susan Cooper will specifically address the unique concerns of public art.

Last but not least, the Riverside Arts Festival will be going on at Riverside Park on Sept 8th and 9th from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Photos from this Weekend: Pedestrian Projects and Bogda


Porent, I said Portent opening
Photos and text provided by Brittni Wood

For more photos from this weekend’s shows, click here.

It was a busy weekend for art in Jacksonville. The crowds were out in full force. Whether it was to check out the work, socialize, or drink for free is still up in the air. Whatever the reason, it was a positive sign for the growing scene here.

If you weren’t able to make it out, you still have time to check out the shows. The Portent, I said Portent show at Pedestrian Projects will be up until the end of September; and the Bogda group show will run until the end of September as well.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the Art House show on Friday, but if anyone has any comments or photos, feel free to post in the comment section.

Photos from Portent, I said Portent:
Portent, I said Portent opening

Portent, I said Portent opening

Portent, I said Portent opening

Portent, I said Portent

Bogda Group Show:
Bogda September opening

Bogda September opening

Bogda September opening

For more photos from this weekend’s shows, click here.

A Weekend of Art Events


Text and images provided by Brittni Wood

There are a handful of options this weekend for when you are bored and trying to figure out what to do. Yeah!

I will be posting images from this weekend’s shows on Monday, so check back for that if you can’t make it out. But you really should go!

Friday, August 31st:
Portent, I said Portent opens at Pedestrian Projects in San Marco
Starts at 7pm    
The show will feature the work of Mark Creegan, James Greene, Kurt Polkey, Byron King, and Brittni Wood.
Portent Flyer Image

Art House presents Art Run
Starts at 7pm
Marie Myers will host this special “art run” event in San Marco. Its an art auction/sale with proceeds going to support Kye Dixon, who is participating in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, which will support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Art Run at Art House Flyer

Saturday, September 1st:
Group Show at Bogda

Starts at 8pm, ends at 11pm
This show will feature the work of Lyndsey Denyer, John Kester, Lara Summers, Tony Miller, Rachel Rosheck, Pat Lally, and many more.
Bogda September show flyer

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