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This morning’s show was cancelled but there’s still some good shows going on this week you need to know about. Get out there and support your local scene!

Monday, February 8

Freebird Live ($24)

a little emo/pop-punk blast from the past
New Found Glory
Saves the Day

Tuesday, February 8

Black Pearl Warehouse (free.99)

1971 Dobbs Rd. St. Augustine Fl. 32086
Pre-International Noise Conference
bands from across Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and more converge on their way to Miami for the International Noise Confernence
biku (Baltimore, MD)
AG Davis (Palatka, FL)
Bright Orange (Jacksonville, FL)
Chicken Jolt (Jacksonville, FL)
Dark Inside the Sun
Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, PA)
ECM3 (St. Augustine, FL)
Hex Apparatus (St. Augustine, FL)
Hot Mess (Jacksonville, FL)
How I Quit Crack (Alief, TX)
Marlo Eggplant (Seattle, WA)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed (Philadelphia, PA)
minim (Gainesville, FL)
Mr. Lazari (Philadelphia, PA)
Oddknock (Gainesville, FL)
Pony Payroll Bones (GA)
Scared Rabbits (Jacksonville, FL)
Sphinxes (Jacksonville, FL)
Stress Ape (Chicago, IL)
Terror Probe (St. Augustine, FL)
The Lady of Situations (Gainesville/Tallahassee, FL)
The Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia, PA)
Trapbomb (Jacksonville, FL)
Waterdigger (Tampa, FL)

Facebook Event Page

Thursday, February 11

TSI ($5)

infintesmal record’s weekly sirens night
Thumbnail Sketch

Dustin Harewood’s Portraits Exhibit

Art Institute

From the Ai Event Page:

Dustin Harewood’s large-scale portraits explore the complexity of the common gaze; a gaze that can magnify both expression and vacancy. These never-seen-before works are a shift from the popular abstract paintings that have become a signature of Mr. Harewood.

Friday, February 12

Warehouse 8B ($3-5)

support the movement!

AC Deathstrike
Thee Tsar Bombas
Sunday Cervix

Super Wonderful (free.99)

1992 San Marco Blvd.

Exhibition featuring works by:
Matt Allison
Clay Doran
Barrett Fiser
Dustin Harewood
Tonya Lee
Kyle Lemstrom
Jen Morgan

Listen to Kyle talk about the show from UJW.
Facebook Event Page

Facebook Event Page

Saturday, February 13

Pass the Mic ‘N Bike II (free.99)

the first event was a much-talked about success, not to miss. meet at memorial park at 7:45. on your bike of course.

Premadonnasaurs (St. Augustine)
Staring Daggers
Devil Runs the Truckstop

Facebook Event Page

The Red Affair ($15 Donation)

Karpeles Manuscript Museum
101 W 1st Street

spoken word, neo-soul and poetry hosted by Tough Junkie

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 – Content Design Group


Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 - Content Design Group

We have all manor of technical issues in this episode, but that’s what give it the Urban Jacksonville flava. Thanks again to Greg and Jason from Content Design Group. Another great discussion.

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See the renderings of the car wash at 4th and Main
Urban Facelift Project and on Facebook


Greg Get Downtown and experience Springfield
Jason SAMBA (Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association)
Joey Jacksonville: Consolidation Story, from Civil Rights to the Jaguars
Tony FRAM and new ArtWalk venues
Jack Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre


Monday, January 11
METAL MONDAYS at Shantytown Pub w/
Foul Intent

Friday, January 15
Shantytown Pub
Cerebral Ballzy
Chicken & Whiskey
Nine Tenths

Saturday, January 16
Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre w/
Bright Orange
Diamond Hymen

Sunday, January 17
Warehouse Show at The Devil’s Playground
Dry Clouds
Foul Intent

Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly Saturday 23rd at the Burrito Gallery

1:30pm with lunch specials, giveaways, Tough Junkie sets and special guest Ian Ranne of HipHop Hell Records and Shantytown Pub. Bring your questions, we have answers.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #42 – FreshMinistries and East Jacksonville


Screen shot 2009-11-23 at 10.06.15 PM

Thanks to special guests Beverly Toney from Fresh Ministries and Abel Harding, Urban Jacksonville Weekly political correspondent and Times Union business columnist.

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Fresh Ministries

  • building hope, changing lives
  • holistic approach
  • get people to do things for themselves
  • Jax v Chicago
  • step by step
  • thriving, safe community
  • beautification
  • how do we market this area?
  • partner with COJ
  • Crime-walks with JSO
  • East Jacksonville boundaries
  • other associations have formed as a result
  • Twitter
  • Tony – Eastside is looking better
  • Beaver Street Enterprise Center
  • community garden
  • Tony – no permit required to sell produce from a community garden
  • Abel – what is Beaver Street?
  • Beaver Street – incubation center for small businesses, classes, resources
  • anyone able to use it
  • 6 Point Community Initiative
    1. economic development
    2. education
    3. affordable housing
    4. safety
    5. health
    6. strengthening families
  • Tony – school system is a mess
  • Eastside Resource Center – 1104 E 1st Street
  • Joey – relationship between Stadium District and East Jacksonville
  • stadium to Springfield should be a showcase
  • Tony – old buildings, no money being lent
  • proud that the community has come as far as it has
  • volunteer


Abel – Annual Tour of Historic Churches downtown (tix at the library)
Tony – Black Saturday at RAM
Joey – Designers in Toyland December Art Walk (229 Hogan)
Jonathan – Burro Bags Art Show December 12th
Beverly – Fresh Ministries Annual Christmas Party – 1104 E 1st Street

Burro Bags Art Show


Tuesday, November 24
Cafe Eleven
Mountain Goats
Final Fantasy

Wednesday, November 25
Shantytown Pub
Americans in France (Chapel Hill, NC)
Business Casualties (Duval)

Friday, November 27
Gil Mantera’s Party Dream


Chad Landenberger to talk about his role at AIGA Jacksonville, Designers in Toyland art show and I’m Board IV, Jacksonville’s 4th Annual Skateboard Art Show.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #39 – The Get A Job Edition


credit: Heart of Oak via Flickr
credit: Heart of Oak via Flickr

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Special Guest – Amy McGeorge
CEO Talagy

job recruiting firm
HQ in Jax
400 jobs available
Jax has double digit unemployment

job hunting should be a full-time job
podcasting sure is glamorous, but it doesn’t pay
be realistic about your skills and the market

company started in the 70’s
jank-free site
coolest and best

about 50 jobs available in Jacksonville
quality of jobs is going up

important to have an advocate
80% of jobs go unposted

use social networking

resume templates, interviewing skills
fancy isn’t better
looking to narrow selection down, not find needle in haystack

best way to find a job – call everyone you know and let them know you’re looking

what do you want to do? – define it


Dark Castle at Wambolt 8B


Jack – Chiaroscuro, Baby
Tony – Art Walk (new galleries (above Hemming))
Joey – Evolving local trend: Creative Philanthropy
Jonathan – Abel at the TU
Amy – New Symphony Director

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #37 – Steel Cut Oats Edition


Zombies invade 5 Points

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Riverside Crime
alleged rape in Riverside
Metro Jacksonville broke sketches has to wait for police reports

Ads on Bus Shelters
City Council Amends Sign Ordinance to Allow for Ads on Bus Shelters
Scenic Jacksonville trying to block » Group Launches Website To Fight Visual Pollution

Note on the design of the shelters, Ennis Davis from Metro Jacksonville left this comment in response to a comment on the blog:

There is no shelter design to show because a company that will provide them has not been selected. From what I understand, JTA plans to send out an RFP for shelters. So I guess the thought should be to apply pressure to JTA to make sure the RFP includes station design criteria, which could be written to eliminate the crap that lines our streets today from being considered outright.

Folio Best Of Jacksonville 2009
no online voting
some LAME winners (except for UJ)
Urban Jacksonville selects the other best blogs in Jacksonville


Tony – Tony had to bolt early so no recommendation
Jack – fireside at Shantytown
Jonathan – Riverside Crime Blog
Joey – Uptown Market Facebook


Monday, October 19
Edge 17
Fall Of Troy
The Dear Hunter

Tuesday, October 20
Jack Rabbits
Revolving Cocks
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
Left Spine Down

Wednesday, October 21
Square One
Kevin Lee Newberry

Friday, October 23
Chicken & Whiskey

Saturday, October 24
Lady Daisey & Batsauce

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #36 – The 5 Points Theatre and


5 Points Theatre Marquee

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You can now listen right now, click the play button above.

Special Guests: Jack & Pete from 5 Points Theatre

We move the show to the AM just for Tony and he skips out for a golf tournament.

Breakfast Sponsor: Uptown Market (we love it!)

5 Points Theatre
started on Hollywood model
switching to concentrated programming

“big, weird space”

Joey’s big idea -
blog for the theater
build buzz for independent film

“hub” for film buffs
resource for film makers
able to see your film on the big screen

upcoming events
Jacksonville Latino Film Festival

5 Points Horror Fest
October 23-30
Costume Party October 30

Friday Midnight Movies
all October movies = horror

Weekend Football Games
regional games
unique way to watch sports

First Fridays
open house

Facebook page

Joey – TU article about Jags
Jonathan – bus shelters/ads article
Jack Diablo – Neon Indian @ TSI (Saturday)
Jack Shad – October 19 @ 9pm 1970 concert film
Pete – 5 Points Horror Fest

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #35 – Taverna in San Marco and Farm to Table Tour


In an episode plagued by “logistical” issues we have once again managed to pull off a show without Jonathan. However I didn’t get a picture and I did not save Junkie’s notes (sorry Junkie!).

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You can now listen right now, click the play button above.


Toyota’s Farm to Table Tour at the Riverside Arts Market
Taverna Restaurant in San Marco


Sam Efron – buy local and the jalapeno pear martini at Restaurant Orsay
Tony – Buy Jaguars tickets at RAM, Viking Days (Revenge of the Nords) and JU Lacrosse Exhibition at RAM.
Jack – Check out the Old Library Alleyway at Art Walk (Tony and Triclops will be DJing)
Junkie – Read brochures (any and all)
Joey –


Wednesday, October 7 – Art Walk
Old Library Alley
Jonathan Appleseed
The Night Light

Tiger City
Airport Factory

Thursday, October 8
Chicken & Whiskey
Savage Badger Vag’s

Friday, October 9
Birdie’s (f/k/a Starlite)
Daisey and Batsauce

Nobby’s (St. Augustine)
Chicken & Whiskey

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