Black Kids return home and rock TSI

Fresh off a trip to London to meet with labels and a scorching 8.4 Pitchfork review Black Kids stopped by TSI Friday night to play a show for their favorite city, Jacksonville Florida. As usual the show was high energy and filled with Randy cussing lovingly at the fans.

After watching the Black Kids develop for well over a year I can say they’ve matured musically. My co-worker Travis is constantly saying “their new songs are so good”, and I have to agree. What was once a painful and awkward (at times) band to watch is now developed into a confident team ready to sign with a major label.

My favorite of Friday’s eight song set was Hurricane Jane (mp3). If they do sign with a label I think this song should be the single (ahem). Although the Internet sweetheart I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance with You (mp3) probably will be.

As usual Randy (vocals+guitar) put on a great show and I loved the way they Ace and Denise (keys+vocals) set up on a pedestal above the rest of the band. They’re a great focal point during the show because they really get into it make the whole experience fun, fun, fun. I wish Ken (drums) and Orly (bass) would get into the shows a little and shake their booties. Their combined energy amounts to my grandma sitting in a rocking chair, sipping lemonade. But hey! They are who they are.

Black Kids are sitting in a very envious position right now. Coming off a quite amazing 8.4 Pitchfork review with the added bonus of being awarded the Best New Music designation. This honor is sure to win them a slew of new fans, or at least a few listens from people who troll the site for great new music on a daily basis. Pitchfork, a music review website loved almost as much as it is hated says:

a record with not just a distinctive aesthetic, but also one single-worthy track after another. Dueling keyboards and scrappy lo-fi guitars give rise to Go! Team-style shouted-back cheers, a communal urgency not unlike the Arcade Fire’s, and an uptempo bounce paying homage to Motown 45’s. In short, Black Kids make catchy, tightly executed songs that put a memorable stamp on pop’s classic themes.

On top of this is the even more amazing story of the Black Kids current success. It’s based on the strength of their live shows and a four-song, self-released EP (Wizard of Ahhhs). Not some money-spewing, MTV marketing machine. You might have heard of some other bands who rose to fame via MySpace and self-promotion: Arctic Monkeys and The Arcade Fire.

With blog posts titled Don’t sign to Vice…Hold out for Sub Pop! and Black Kids Are Almost Out-Shadowing Radiohead This Week floating around the Internet, it would be amazing if those kids didn’t let all this go to their head.

I say let it, for a while. You deserve it.

Upcoming Shows
Oct 18, The Annex, New York
Nov 15, Star Bar, Atlanta
Nov 16, Flicker Theatre, Athens

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