Bloggers in Duval proclaim their role

The Times Union posted their article on Jacksonville bloggers today, Bloggers in Duval proclaim their role. It talks about some of my favorite bloggers in the city. The article also features my blog prominently.

If you’re here after seeing the article – welcome. If this is your first time here let me give you a quick tour of Urban Jacksonville. is a weblog devoted to the core neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Jacksonville, Florida. I write about news and events happening in Downtown, Springfield, Brooklyn, LaVilla, the Southbank and San Marco. Urban Jacksonville was created to provide a different point of view on the events in and around these neighborhoods. I talk about things that are important to these communities, but don’t always get mention on the 6:00 news. It is raw, unrefined and real.

You can read more about Urban Jacksonville or if you want to read more about me you can read Who is Urban Jacksonville.

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