Content Design Group Enters Free Green Design Competition


Duval friends Content Design Group need your help voting for them in the Free Green residential design competition.

I sure hope they do design and build this house, it’s right across the street from my house in Springfield!

VOTE HERE is looking for talented designers who can bring progressive design ideas to mainstream America. With 400,000+ visitors per year, 36,000+ house plans distributed per year, and 20,000+ registered members is the largest source of Residential Design in the world. Now we want to use this audience to promote new Architects and designers, and increase the influence of thoughtful and sustainable Architecture in the Residential arena.

You may remember Content Design Group from their work on the Urban Facelift Project or their recent appearance on Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

Music / Art Recommendations This Week


This morning’s show was cancelled but there’s still some good shows going on this week you need to know about. Get out there and support your local scene!

Monday, February 8

Freebird Live ($24)

a little emo/pop-punk blast from the past
New Found Glory
Saves the Day

Tuesday, February 8

Black Pearl Warehouse (free.99)

1971 Dobbs Rd. St. Augustine Fl. 32086
Pre-International Noise Conference
bands from across Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and more converge on their way to Miami for the International Noise Confernence
biku (Baltimore, MD)
AG Davis (Palatka, FL)
Bright Orange (Jacksonville, FL)
Chicken Jolt (Jacksonville, FL)
Dark Inside the Sun
Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, PA)
ECM3 (St. Augustine, FL)
Hex Apparatus (St. Augustine, FL)
Hot Mess (Jacksonville, FL)
How I Quit Crack (Alief, TX)
Marlo Eggplant (Seattle, WA)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed (Philadelphia, PA)
minim (Gainesville, FL)
Mr. Lazari (Philadelphia, PA)
Oddknock (Gainesville, FL)
Pony Payroll Bones (GA)
Scared Rabbits (Jacksonville, FL)
Sphinxes (Jacksonville, FL)
Stress Ape (Chicago, IL)
Terror Probe (St. Augustine, FL)
The Lady of Situations (Gainesville/Tallahassee, FL)
The Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia, PA)
Trapbomb (Jacksonville, FL)
Waterdigger (Tampa, FL)

Facebook Event Page

Thursday, February 11

TSI ($5)

infintesmal record’s weekly sirens night
Thumbnail Sketch

Dustin Harewood’s Portraits Exhibit

Art Institute

From the Ai Event Page:

Dustin Harewood’s large-scale portraits explore the complexity of the common gaze; a gaze that can magnify both expression and vacancy. These never-seen-before works are a shift from the popular abstract paintings that have become a signature of Mr. Harewood.

Friday, February 12

Warehouse 8B ($3-5)

support the movement!

AC Deathstrike
Thee Tsar Bombas
Sunday Cervix

Super Wonderful (free.99)

1992 San Marco Blvd.

Exhibition featuring works by:
Matt Allison
Clay Doran
Barrett Fiser
Dustin Harewood
Tonya Lee
Kyle Lemstrom
Jen Morgan

Listen to Kyle talk about the show from UJW.
Facebook Event Page

Facebook Event Page

Saturday, February 13

Pass the Mic ‘N Bike II (free.99)

the first event was a much-talked about success, not to miss. meet at memorial park at 7:45. on your bike of course.

Premadonnasaurs (St. Augustine)
Staring Daggers
Devil Runs the Truckstop

Facebook Event Page

The Red Affair ($15 Donation)

Karpeles Manuscript Museum
101 W 1st Street

spoken word, neo-soul and poetry hosted by Tough Junkie

Urban News and Linkage: Urban Jacksonville Mixtape #13 Edition



The amazing Art Behind the Fridge boys contributed cover art to this Urban Jacksonville Mixtape. You won’t meet a nicer pair of dudes in the city. They’re always involved in the art community and we’re lucky to have them. Thanks to you Nick and Jim!

Download Urban Jacksonville Mixtape #13

If you like what you hear, you can get more tonight at First Friday’s in 5 Points. I’ll be DJing at Underbelly from 9 till close. Treehouse Yall! Nick Fresh will be there from 6-9 and there will be a show featuring art from the famous Jacksonvillian Jim Draper.

On To The News

I'm Board IV from Tara Kane
Credit: I’m Board IV from Tara Kane

I'm Board IV from Kicksluvme904
Credit: I’m Board IV from Kicksluvme904

It was an epic FAIL to miss last night’s I’m Board IV. I heard it was awesome. Until next year! Here’s some footage from my friend Dennis, now let the rest of the photos and videos roll in!

I’m Board Art Show from Thought & Theory on Vimeo.

Re-imagining JTA

The Concept Design students at the Art Institute have been working on a JTA re-design project. The studente have re-envisioned the logo, the bus stop sign, bus wrap and bus stops.

You can see all of their work on the class blog.


Springfield Car Wash Heading for Appeal

The Springfield car was hype machine is revving back up
Silas Jones is probablly silently singing that O Jay’s song to him self: they smile up in your face, backstabbers. Last month Silas’ carwash was approved by the SPAR and now there are behind-the-scenes efforts to get the approval reversed by some on the SPAR board.

Many supporters of the carwash say this negatively impacts the development of the neighborhood by devoting energy to sqaushing a project instead of working with the business owner to help him push his project forward. At this point Silas Jones has spent about $400,000, according to some.

Quick Hits

Abel Harding says Jaguars should market to women
Fogle Art Gallery to close
Lomax Lodge (aka Shantytown 2) to open on 2/15
Why Jacksonville Should Immediately Invest In Rail
Late Night Cookery with Bert Noshirt

BBB Warehouse in Springfield to Close, Zombie Bikes and Burro Bags to Relocate


Burro Bags

The BBB Warehouse at 1520 Main Street is closing. We announced this Saturday at the Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly 50th Show extravaganza. Sources close to the matter say Mack Bissette from SRG called to say the the space had to be vacated. The specific reasons or future plans for the space are unknown.

Future Plans

Zombie Bikes is rumored to be moving to a similar location in Springfield. Burro Bags is looking forward to finding a more retail oriented spot in the urban core.

What you need to know about the LIVE Urban Jacksonville Weekly today


Burrito Gallery

Here are all the things you need to know for today’s show

Breakfast in Jacksonville and the Urban Core


Pancakes at Uptown Market
Pancakes at Uptown Market

I can eat breakfast three times a day. Morning, noon and night. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, coffee, lots of coffee. Here’s my list of places to eat breakfast in Jacksonville that are not Cracker Barrel.

Please note, this is not comprehensive and only lists places in the urban core where I like to eat. These are also in no particular order. Feel free to add your own picks, wherever they might be in the city in a comment on Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #jacksonvillebreakfast.

Uptown Market in Springfield

Google Review » Yelp Review

Uptown Market

Uptown Market is Springfield’s newest breakfast spot. Breakfast Sandwich with Hashbrowns (shown) $4.95. Seriously.

Gina’s Deli in 5 Points

Google Review » Yelp Review

Gina's Breakfast Special

The bad reviews on Gina’s Deli are misleading. You can get an awesome breakfast special for 3.99. Eggs, grits, bacon and toast. This is greasy diner food, just keep your expectations in check.

Cool Moose Cafe in Riverside

Google Review

Cool Moose Cafe
IMage compliments of Metro Jacksonville

Here is an excerpt from a review on Metro Jacksonville:

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a space with 2 rather good sizes rooms full of people. People playing scrabble, reading, talking and eating. They offer an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, but not to the point of being overwhelming. I also had no idea they offer some decent beers on draft (Redhook IPA and more), wine and morning-time cocktails.

Biscotti’s in Avondale

Google Review » Yelp Review

Quiche, grits and fruit at Biscotti’s

Biscotti’s is probably the most upscale of this group and the one I frequent the least. However, you can always get a table at Biscotti’s when the wait list is 40+ minutes at the next place, The Fox. When I say upscale, the cost for breakfast is $$ while the rest of the places I mention in this post are $.

The Fox in Avondale

Google Review » Yelp Review

Get to The Fox early on the weekends to miss the local rush. Don’t go at prime breakfast time unless you’re cool with chilling until a table is available.

At least while you’re waiting, you can have some complimentary coffee on the sidewalk. I think The Fox is more about tradition than good food. The Fox has solid breakfast for a good price, great biscuits and local art on the walls.

San Marco Deli in San Marco

Google Review » Yelp Review

When I worked in San Marco this was a go-top place for a bacon, egg and cheese in a pita. Above average breakfast for the price and much faster breakfast service than lunch service. (hint, hint). Check out the breakfast menu. I don’t think they are open on the weekends.

Metro Diner in San Marco

Google Review » Yelp Review

Metro Diner is also mobbed by local San Marco residents on the weekend so bring a paper and some patience. On weekdays you can expect faster seating so maybe that’s a good time to try it. Metro Diner is my second choice for breakfast right after Uptown Market.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 – Content Design Group


Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 - Content Design Group

We have all manor of technical issues in this episode, but that’s what give it the Urban Jacksonville flava. Thanks again to Greg and Jason from Content Design Group. Another great discussion.

Listen and Subscribe

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See the renderings of the car wash at 4th and Main
Urban Facelift Project and on Facebook


Greg Get Downtown and experience Springfield
Jason SAMBA (Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association)
Joey Jacksonville: Consolidation Story, from Civil Rights to the Jaguars
Tony FRAM and new ArtWalk venues
Jack Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre


Monday, January 11
METAL MONDAYS at Shantytown Pub w/
Foul Intent

Friday, January 15
Shantytown Pub
Cerebral Ballzy
Chicken & Whiskey
Nine Tenths

Saturday, January 16
Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre w/
Bright Orange
Diamond Hymen

Sunday, January 17
Warehouse Show at The Devil’s Playground
Dry Clouds
Foul Intent

Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly Saturday 23rd at the Burrito Gallery

1:30pm with lunch specials, giveaways, Tough Junkie sets and special guest Ian Ranne of HipHop Hell Records and Shantytown Pub. Bring your questions, we have answers.

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