Draft of Hogan’s Creek Master Plan for Springfield Released

Above is a screenshot of conceptual ideas for the Hogan’s Creek (and surrounding parks) revitalization master planning project. It was presented to Springfield community members for vetting at the SPAR Council general meeting held on October 29. I am told the concepts were favorably received and there will be additional meetings with government and corporate stakeholders in the coming weeks.

The scope of the master plan includes determining timing/cost for environmental remediation of soil and water, storm water management (flood control), preservation and restoration of historic assets where possible, and inclusion of beautification components. The master plan is scheduled for completion in January 2010.

Once the plan is complete and approved, then begins the long work of securing funding to execute the plans. Some interesting things to note from the plans which you can view/download below:

  • The South Confederate Park Concept shows the removal of the Park View Inn (Yay!)
  • The McPhearson & Schell Park Concept shows a skate park, creek expansions, a play ground and a fountain
  • Still no playground at Klutho Park, but I have no room to complain b/c I was not at the meetings.

View and Download the Plans

Karpelles / Bethel Area Concept
Klutho Park Concept
McPhearson & Schell Park Concept
South Confederate Park Concept

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