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For the third year in a row Urban Jacksonville was nominated by Folio readers as Best Blog in Jacksonville. It’s an awesome honor and I’d like to thank everyone who voted. I’m also happy to be in the News and Media category. So long “Really Important Stuff” category.

While this is always a good time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the past year, what I’d like to do instead is highlight some of my favorite blogs. If I were on a desert island and could only bring 7 blogs with me, these are the ones.

Best Overall Blog: Metro Jacksonville
These guys are seriously killing it in all blogging categories. I always call Metro Jacksonville my blog brothers because we’ve helped each other grow so much over the years. They’ve even been called a model of what’s to come for citizen journalism by a nationally syndicated talk show host. I hope to see more audio and video from Metro Jacksonville in the months to come.

The Blogfather: The Urban Core
Yes still the original and still as relevant as the day I found it. Tom (Urban Jacksonville Weekly co-host) and part-time golfer continues to provide essential news for the Urban Core through thick and thin. Even though the content is heavily RAM-ified it’s still a must read.

Best Social Life Blog: JaxREAX/Jaxscene
Did you miss the art show last weekend? JaxScene. Can’t make it to ArtWalk? JaxScene. Have to mow your grass instead of hitting the Riverside Arts Market? JaxScene. Who can be everywhere you want to be? JaxScene. The tireless contributors of Jacksonville’s best nightlife and culture blog write, photograph and shoot video of pretty much any relevant cultural event. It’s always catching me up, thank you JaxScene. What you do is not easy.

Best Folio Blog: FLOG
Folio’s brave new push into digital media does not include a website where they publish each edition of Folio Weekly. While I wish they would, this blog is the next best thing. Sometimes they will publish feature editorials on the blog, but not often enough. Why they are waiting for someone to come in and kick their butt online, I have no idea. It’s still a must read if you enjoy Folio and need something to fill the gaps between Tuesdays.

Best Skateboarding Blog: BusStop Mag
While I don’t skate anymore, I’m a skateboarder at heart. Norm over at BusStop Mag always provides me with a fresh look at local skateboarders and organizes rad events too. I love watching local demo reels and seeing 10 year old doing sick tricks at the same spots I skated when manuals and heel flips where the shit.

Best Jacksonville Blog That Has Nothing To Do About Jacksonville: Paper n Stitch
Full disclosure, Brianna is my sister, but she runs an amazing blog/business. The Paper n Stitch site is wonderfully curated and chock full of art, design, home, craft, and more. The blog supports the main Paper n Stitch site which is a community of buyers and sellers showcasing the best in art, handmade, and vintage.

Best Blog to Laugh At, Hate And Be Confused By (And Will Hate You Back): Whacksonville
All contributors to Jacksonville’s most creatively written blog. It’s interesting and I enjoy reading it to see who gets the daily blog post beatdown. Don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy it for what it is. This nomination it partly to stroke their egos and avoid the crosshairs of their verbal sawed off.

Honorable mentions would be: Jacksonville Confidential (culture), Globatron (art/commentary), Riverside Avondale Preservation (neighborhood) and The Outerbox (art). Each one of these blogs deserve recognition for their sheer dedication to providing unique content to this city.

I’d like to know who your nominations are. Leave a comment or hit me on the Twitter @urbanjax.

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