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I set up an Urban Jacksonville Twitter account for people who want to follow the blog but don’t care about what color underwear I’m wearing or what I ate for dinner.

Follow Urban Jacksonville on Twitter

I’ll post something each time I put up a new blog post or episode of Urban Jacksonville Weekly. I’ll also announce events I recommend and editorialize Urban Jacksonville related news in 140 characters or less. This move was definitely or at least pushed along by my friend’s recent post I <3 Twitter!.

He does a good job explaining the value of the service and links to some local and national Twitter users you may enjoy following with the service. Here’s what he had to say on the service:

…Twitter is simply micro-blogging. Because most of us are too busy to sit down and write out blog posts … and some things are interesting but not necessarily blog-worthy, Twitter allows you to put it out there in 140 characters or less.

Maybe you are an acquaintance of mine or maybe you like what you read here and we’ve never actually met. Either way, on any given night you can check your Twitter feed and possibly learn of something going on that sounds really awesome that you might never have known about otherwise. Now, instead of seeing pictures of an event on JaxScene days after the fact, you can see what is going on as it happens and ensure you are in the place to be. Or, you know, you can just be really witty or share a cool link.

This is an experiment to test the legitimacy of the Twitter service for an individual brand, company or event. More and more Twitter is being used in novel ways to reach out to a niche audience so I wanted to try it for Urban Jacksonville too.

If you are interested in learning more about Twitter: what it is, how people are using it locally and actually ask questions, tune in to Urban Jacksonville Weekly Ustream channel on Tuesday at 5:30. We’ll be taking audience questions via Twitter and email.

If you are using Twitter already, just include the hash tag #ujw when you tweet your question. You can do it now or during the show, whatever you like.

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