Hogan’s Creek Greenway, first look

Downtown Parks and Urban Jacksonville met with the architects who designed the Hogan’s Creek Greenway for a little Q&A. Here is what we learned:

Estimated start date: Mid to late 2007
Proposed Budget: $850K
Walking/running/biking path width: 12 feet maximum
Next meeting: March 15th to show the plans to SPAR
Next up: soil samples!

There was talk of concrete headers on each side of the path similar to the Northbank Riverwalk, but the conversation immediately turned back to money. It seems budgets are tight and greenway frills, like benches and water fountains, may have to wait. Without contributions from the private sector, local residents and businesses, the greenway will be a bare-bones effort.

Big thanks go to Downtown Parks for inviting us to the meeting. He played a huge role in making the greenway a reality. Springfield and Downtown are lucky to have such a dedicated parks advocate.

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