Inertia Records and Books is closing. Zombie Bikes is opening.

Inertia Records and Books is closing it’s doors this Friday.

The largest factor against it in the last few months is that I don’t have time for it. I’m hardly an idle person – but the store has been consistently on the backburner between the time taken at my library job and being in three active touring bands.

John IMed me late yesterday and told me the news. I was sad and happy. Sad to see Inertia leave, but happy for Josh. Running a retail store is tough work, even if the rent is free. Rent is not free, it’s very low, almost ceremonial thanks to Mack Bissette and SRG.

Inertia will be selling off all remaining merchandise for 50% off. CASH ONLY. Thursday March 27th and Friday March 28th from 6pm-9pm. Josh is also selling over 400 CD security cases and a glass display case. Contact him at deadtank at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Don’t be too sad though, Zombie Bikes, Jacksonville’s only bike co-op, has moved into the space (which someone has yet to name) and the Royal Treatment Record shop is still going strong.

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