Jacksonville Jaguars Football is the American team for professional football which has the base in Florida. The Jaguars team join the NFL (National Football League) to compete there as the football club of American Football conference. In 1989, a prospective group of Jacksonville called Touchdown Jacksonville! created. It included Jeb Bush as the Florida Governor, Tom Petway as the Jacksonville developer, and Wayne Weaver as the founder of the Nine West. Two years later, NFL announced the plans in the expansion teams for 1995. Then, the Touchdown Jacksonville! came to be a bidder as a team and later it became the finalists with other five finalists, they were St. Louis, Memphis, Charlotte, and Baltimore.

With Carolina Panthers, this Jacksonville Jaguars team joined NFL to become the expansion team in almost for 20 years. Those teams participated for NFL expansion concept in 1995 with Steve Beuerlein for Jaguars. Then, he was being replaced by Mark Brunell. Both of those teams broke previous world record for the most wins in expansion team set in 1968. This team played the first regular game on 3 September 199 and loss 10-3 from Houston Oilers. Then, Jaguars won for the first time in the 4th week since it defeated Houston Oilers on 1 October for 17-16 in Houston. In the next week, Jaguars againsted Pittsburgh Steelers and won again for 20-16.

In addition, for the newest logo of Jacksonville Jaguars, the set is included with white and black pants and there is Jaguars logo. On November 2015, Jaguars team wore the all-gold alternative uniform as their main color and team style. The set of outfit features gold jersey having black sleeves also black trim. The numbers which are in black and white color are bordered with black to create the sense of sporty and luxurious style.

Wednesday, 29th March 2017, there was the auctioned of pink diamond that becomes the hottest Jacksonville news. It is the most valuable diamond ever to be offered in the auction which was held in Sotheby’s auction, Hong Kong. That ‘Pink Star’ consists of 59.6 carat which was sold for about 71.2 million dollars in the auction on Tuesday. It becomes the new record in the world for the most expensive jewel or diamond based on the auction trade. It is the kind of oval mix cut jewel that was smashed 60 million dollars pre-sale that Sotheby’s estimated when this diamond came to the block.

This hottest Jacksonville news comes from the Sotheby’s auction. Three years later after the diamond was sold with the higher prices in another auction in Geneva, this sale comes. The buyer has canceled the deal and then that sale was held again in the other Sotheby’s auction. That diamond is the most beautiful flawless vivid pink gem ever that is graded by Gemological Institute in America. This gem was sold for the first price is about 63.0 million dollars, but it does not include the buyer’s gift. It is said that the buyer of that pink diamond in Chow Tai Fook, a Jewelry Company in Hong Kong which bear down two other bidders to get this pink diamond.

Before this Jacksonville news updated, the most costly gem ever that was sold in the auction was ‘Oppenheimer Blue’ it fetched for about 57.6 million dollar on last May. In addition, previous world record for pink diamond trade in the auction was only 46.2 million dollars for the ‘Graff Pink’ when 2010. Sotheby’s said that at this time is the right time to bring back the diamond to the word market because the rising demand of the wealthy Asian buyers.

Jacksonville FL is the greatest destination ever for you to spend your holiday there with your family or relatives. There are so many things that you can do in this place since it gives various attractions and interesting places to be seen and visited. Jacksonville is the largest city in continental U.S which has numerous places to be experienced as the new side attraction from Florida. Numerous parks, waterways, ecological places in this city offer you to get unforgettable memories to relax your mind with this natural paradise. The natural beauty in Jacksonville is surrounded well by vibrant and modern city which is filled with the thrilling attractions, beautiful hotels, museums, dining place options, cool nightlife, exciting events, and many unique historical places with entertaining spots for visitors in all ages.

In Jacksonville FL, you will find so many attractions that can perfect your vacation. There are eclectic dining places pristine beaches, and cool shopping places which will be the reasons why numerous visitors like this place to spend their vacation with their family and relatives. In addition, you will also find the places to make your vacation more perfect such as getting the culture, adventure, entertainment, and also sports there. There is annual festival in Jacksonville Beach called as Blues Festival and Jazz Festival in Memorial Day Weekend which will be able to fan the spirit. Whether you want to travel it by yourself or with other people, there are always plenty activities that you can do when you coming to this place and you will get many memories there.

Although there are more urban in Jacksonville FL, but this place also have the wildlife and nature preserves, historical buildings, and many golf spots. The attractions there are various from the art, history, and science spots to spoil the visitors with its good memories. You will feel wonderful by the exquisite places that this city offered.

Based on the National Historic Places, Avondale and Riverside Jacksonville are one of the coolest and oldest places. It is included as the 10 greatest neighborhoods of the country. Avondale and Riverside have its own unique combination of culture, charm, history, and modern style that you can find it more and easily when coming to those places. Those places are a modern part of the city consists of young population. There are so many waterfront houses and the upscale buildings which do not include the pretentious style of buildings. Those buildings give the sense of urban living and local community. There is also a world-class building such as Cummer Museum which is placed in Riverside neighborhoods.

When you are coming to the Riverside Jacksonville, you will find that there are many spots that you can visit as your destination. For example is in Bohemian neighborhood which consists of outdoor cafes, nightclubs, antique stores, boutiques, and many more. In addition, you will also find food and beer cafe which will be easily found in the King Street. Furthermore, there are local owned restaurants, breweries and bars which each of them can bring the visitors from all of the ages to enjoy their free time at this place. You will find hundred visitors come to this place in every weekend to enjoy the view and service in this place.

Riverside Jacksonville provides so many places that you can visit to live there for a while or for a long time. In this Riverside, you will be able to do anything that you have ever dreamt about. Doing the activities or just staying at your apartments or hotels is possible. There are many kinds of activities that you can do with your family, couple, relatives, and many more to enjoy the historical and cultural style of this place.

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