#jaxmayor Episode #4 – Another Place You Don’t Want To Go To

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We discuss whether or not Matthew Dane is gaffe prone, why Ray Dunn won’t ride the skyway and we break down the pension issue in a way that won’t make your eyes bleed.

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Joven from Urban Jacksonville
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Early Voting and Election Day

The election is March 22, and early voting starts March 7

The election is March 22, and early voting starts March 7

Last Week on First Coast Connect
Feb 17 Listen to Whit Jones
Feb 22 Listen to Ray Dunn
Feb 23 Listen to Anthony Penn
Feb 24 Listen to Andrea Miller
Feb 28th Matthew Dane (will not appear)
March 15th Stan Darwin

Mar 3 – FPRA is hosting an analysis/panel of experts moderated by #jaxmayor show’s own Abel Harding on the Mayor’s race from 11:30 to 1 at River City Brewing. More info at http://fpra-jax.org/.

Thursday 3/3 at 8pm The role of government in Growth/the Environment
Sunday 3/6 at 10am School Matters Special: Mayoral Forum on Education
Monday 3/7 at 8pm Debate #2 The role of government in Economic Development
Thursday 3/17 at 8 Debate #3: The role of government in Public Health & Safety

Candidate surveys from the St. John’s Riverkeeper

What do you consider to be the most significant threats to the health of the St. Johns River and its watershed and, if elected, what will you do to address those problems

Live chats with each candidate on Jacksonville.com

Matthew Dane pulls out of more forums and debates

Matthew Dane Abortion bomb
Is he a gaffe prone?

Glorious Johnson takes aim at Dunn’s pension

Mayor’s race: How pension and budget are intertwined

Dunn to stop funding skyway

Observation from listening to all these Mayor forums is how fucked up this city is. We are in really bad shape. Education, Violence, Business Development, Pension, etc.


Overwhelmed by sheer volume of ads on @wtlvdotcom tonight. Haven’t seen one for other candidates.#jaxmayor


Faves http://twitter.com/JaxMayorShow/favorites

One require employees in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan to take money when they leave, not roll it over as an investment. Slash appointed positions at City Hall, reforming the city’s purchasing code and eliminating funding for the Human Rights Commission.

Another pledged to review the budget and pension plan to find ways to cut costs and eliminate duplicative and ineffective services. Will create a financial review task force of experts to oversee a top-to-bottom review of city programs and services, including size and salaries of mayor’s staff and appointees. Brown said he would take a 20 percent pay cut to lead by example.

Some would give a certain percentage of a payout to people drawing a pension then restructure the plan. by repealing the garbage, stormwater and drainage fees. He proposed no changes to the budgeting process. Will look at appointed employees and specific budget cuts.

A few require employees to work longer before earning benefits, modifying benefits to current employees, possibly moving general employees to a 401(k) plan, cuts in appointed officials, fleet management and the city’s use of space.

Dunn  shift to a market-based DROP plan instead of a guaranteed 8.4 percent return, increase minimum service requirements from 20 to 25 years, increase employee contributions from 7 to 8 percent and push the cost-of-living increase back to year five. Also contains a combination of cuts and a restructuring of finances, including pensions, salaries, purchasing, procurement, contracts, privatization and technology.

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