Joining Forces With One Spark To Develop Innovation In Jacksonville

Exciting news to announce! I am now the Website Editor for One Spark, an organization focused on innovation in Jacksonville.

A Nutshell Explanation of What We’re Up To

One Spark is a group of influencers who want to develop a community, focused on encouraging idea generation and disruptive thinking in Jacksonville. We will reinforce the belief that “good” failure is okay, risk is a natural part of new ideas, and that keeping an idea quiet only increases the likelihood it will never launch.

Ultimately we will support the creation, relation, and execution of ideas.

I’ve developed a content strategy that we will execute in the next few months, beginning today. Our first post is called 5 Ways to Help Spark Innovation in Jacksonville. In this post we define our vision of what the One Spark website will be. We also issue a call for connectors, video directors, content producers, designers and event producers who want to join our team:

We’re creating something that not only inspires, but informs. Call it what you want: an online tv station, a magazine, a innovation portal, whatever. It’s all those things and we want to shine a spotlight on smart people and inspire others to do what they’re passionate about.

What Does This Mean for Urban Jacksonville

I am currently working on a website redesign and I will be relaunching with a focus on features and less daily posting. I anticipate more in-depth posts, videos galleries and podcasts coming your way soon.

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