Moving the Springfield Community Garden

As wonderful as the Springfield Community Garden is, there is one big drawback. You have to BYOW, or bring your own water. Which means lugging it up those steps to you bed.

There are plans in the works to move the garden to the 1400 block of Laura Street (seen below). The move will sacrifice the visibility of the current location on Main Street, but will be much more accessible.

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The lot on Laura Street is twice the size of the current garden. Here is what Andrea of IntownJacksonville says about the new location

the owner is wanting us to sign a 5 year lease (which is great!) and he will have the water line plumbed up – he also wants a plot – so an involved owner would be great too. I think we will be able to get way more plots on it, so a lot more people could get involved. The spot we have now, a lot of people have dropped out, I think because of the fact you gotta haul your own water.

The latest news on the move is the garden people met with the woman from the City extension office on Saturday and she agreed the other lot is a much better place so the garden is definitely going to move.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, you can contact her. My only question is are they going to move those beds?

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