Review: Club Paris Jacksonville

Overall Club Paris was disappointing. Let me follow up this sentence by telling you I’m not big on booty shakin’ clubs. Unlike Fiddy, you won’t find me in tha club, bottle full of ‘bub. I agree with the Mark Woods assessment of Club Paris, I kept thinking of all the other places in town I’d rather be than Club Paris. I also want to give a big thanks to Ted for getting me a Heineken at the bar when I just couldn’t get the bartenders attention. That being said lets get to it.

The first thing you have to do is play this video in background as you are reading this review. I’m In Love With a Stripper is my pick for official song of the evening.

I arrived around 9:40 and the Landing was pretty dead, which was my first surprise. I really expected there to be a line of beautiful people waiting to get in. My next surprise came when I encountered no resistance getting into Club Paris. I was wearing Jeans, my fanciest Mossimo sport coat (from Target) with a blue American Apparel 5-button polo. That’s about as South Beach as I get. I was sure it wouldn’t be nice enough to get me in the club, but I had no problem.

My next surprise was no inspection of my messenger bag. I walked in with a bag full of camera’s and notepads, but for all they knew it could have been guns and knives. In my opinion door security was a bit lax. I expected a cursory inspection of my bag, but there was none of that.

On to the bar because it’s free drinks until 12:00. I am hoping I see someone I know, because my plans to do video interviews are shot due to the mind-numbing bass and complete lack of light. The next thing I notice is the heat. My jacket comes off after about 15 minutes.

I started walking around, snapping pictures and pretty much poking my head into any area I could access. The only place I wasn’t able to access was the VIP area upstairs. This is where all the fancy, expensive furniture was. The VIP area was also the only place with seats, no lounging at Club P, only booty shakin.

After about 15 minutes of walking around I was pretty much over Club Paris so I packed it in to head home. I’m really not the clubbing type and I was looking forward to getting home, sitting in the AC and cracking a beer. I was curious to see what Dan Blanchard thought of Club Paris so I gave him a call. He was able to convince me to not go home and to have a few more drinks.

After about 6 drinks Club Paris starts to get a little more fun. Even the Mayor is shakin his ass on the dance floor. Thinking back on the night the Mayor was pretty much the only celeb I saw while I was there.

As we approached 12:00, the end of free drinks and my experience at Club Paris, the floors started getting slippery around the bar area. Mmmm. I decided to hit up the bathroom before taking off and gross!! no soap in the bathroom. Seriously. Paris Hilton was no where to be seen, she was partying in France this weekend.

Check out all my pictures from the Club Paris opening.

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