Shooting at Shantytown

Here is a first hand account from someone who was there:

About 9:40 there were 2 shots. Time and the bartender were the only people inside, Everyone was out back or in the bathroom. It didn’t sound like a gun, more like blackcat fireworks. It wasn’t until the bartender ran out back and was screaming that we knew something happened, no one thought it was really a gun. The shooting was right inside the doorway.

Does anyone know what happened? Thanks for the informative article First Coast News! Here’s the video report.

A man has been taken to the hospital after a shooting at a bar. The shooting happened at the Shanty Town Pub, located on Main Street near East 8th Street. Police won’t say whether the shooting happened inside the bar or outside. No word on the victim’s condition

This is all hearsay, but I heard:

From what I have been able to gather Tim (boston guy who is always at Shanty) went outside, not sure if he was going home or getting fresh air, but all of a sudden people inside heard three or four shots. They ran out side to find him on the ground. The thinking is, he may have inadvertently broken up a robbery attempt on shanty. He is awake, but in critical condition at Shands.

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