Springfield Community Garden Update

Here’s an update on the Springfield community garden

Thanks to a very generous (anonymous!) donor, and a handful of smaller donations we were able to pay to have the concrete footer poured, rebar placed, and blocks laid. We were helped immensely by a couple of homeless men who knew how to lay blocks properly, and offered their help in a, “hey…you’re not doing that right, let me show you,” kind of way. The wall is now drying and awaiting a coat of stucco. Then we can paint a lovely mural on it, to let everyone know about the garden.

It sounds like the next project in the works is a sustainable shed. Here are some tentative hours I found on the Inertia site: Every Saturday and Sunday 12-3pm at 1st and main (Right after The Pearl if you are heading North) – Co-op Garden development and Gardening. bring some tools, some plants, and yourself.

Thanks to Janice for the wall-repair photos above!

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