Content Design Group Enters Free Green Design Competition


Duval friends Content Design Group need your help voting for them in the Free Green residential design competition.

I sure hope they do design and build this house, it’s right across the street from my house in Springfield!

VOTE HERE is looking for talented designers who can bring progressive design ideas to mainstream America. With 400,000+ visitors per year, 36,000+ house plans distributed per year, and 20,000+ registered members is the largest source of Residential Design in the world. Now we want to use this audience to promote new Architects and designers, and increase the influence of thoughtful and sustainable Architecture in the Residential arena.

You may remember Content Design Group from their work on the Urban Facelift Project or their recent appearance on Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 – Content Design Group


Urban Jacksonville Weekly #49 - Content Design Group

We have all manor of technical issues in this episode, but that’s what give it the Urban Jacksonville flava. Thanks again to Greg and Jason from Content Design Group. Another great discussion.

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See the renderings of the car wash at 4th and Main
Urban Facelift Project and on Facebook


Greg Get Downtown and experience Springfield
Jason SAMBA (Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association)
Joey Jacksonville: Consolidation Story, from Civil Rights to the Jaguars
Tony FRAM and new ArtWalk venues
Jack Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre


Monday, January 11
METAL MONDAYS at Shantytown Pub w/
Foul Intent

Friday, January 15
Shantytown Pub
Cerebral Ballzy
Chicken & Whiskey
Nine Tenths

Saturday, January 16
Cinema Sounds 5 at Five Points Theatre w/
Bright Orange
Diamond Hymen

Sunday, January 17
Warehouse Show at The Devil’s Playground
Dry Clouds
Foul Intent

Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly Saturday 23rd at the Burrito Gallery

1:30pm with lunch specials, giveaways, Tough Junkie sets and special guest Ian Ranne of HipHop Hell Records and Shantytown Pub. Bring your questions, we have answers.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly Episode #28


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Special Guest – Terry Lorince of Downtown Vision

Joey – Android is for SUCKAS!

What is Downtown Vision?
non for profit
formed 2000
make downtown premiere place to work, live, visit
get businesses to work together
art walk, hemming plaza market
creating a better downtown experience
Joey – living downtown?
14 downtown ambassadors – report on condition of downtown
contract with Catholic Charities for clean-up
originally, ambassadors picked up trash (insurance/worker’s comp issues)
Joey – hotline?


Abel Harding asks With the proposed cuts in funding for public service grants, Jacksonville’s homeless population is likely to be impacted with fewer services available to them. How do you think that will impact downtown businesses?

Terry – see more transients, strain existing shelters
Joey – Is DVI working with groups on the homeless issue?
Terry – Transients are the issue more so than the homeless. Development/climate make Jacksonville popular place for vagrants, makes them more visible.
Tony – Troublemakers aren’t necessarily homeless but they all get lumped together in people’s eyes.

Matt Abercrombie asks how can we expedite getting artists into vacant and underutilized spaces downtown? who are the sympathetic landlords and what can artists do to make contact?

Terry – Vacant stores downtown is an issue. How do we ratchet up the Art Walk? Jim Draper a major voice to bring artists downtown. DVI has relationship with property owners. What to do between now and when the economy picks up. Leasers have conditions for people using space. Lots of interest from both sides. Interested – terry

Our role is as matchmaker. Fortunate to have Art Center Cooperative.
Tony – Give it a name. Jim Draper as liaison/face.
Joey – Artists find a way to be recognizable and follow-up.

Matt Uhrig asks Many property owners dropped their venue once the DVI demanded to be placed on liability insurance. What liability does the city have once a person steps off a sidewalk and into a private building?

Terry – city owns the sidewalk but DVI assumes liability during art walk, venue assumes liability once patron enters establishment
Tony – BG’s insurance didn’t go up
Back to artists
Tony – use City Hall Annex

Yvonne asks if DVI would ever consider sponsoring (funding/paying) artists to paint murals on the many vacant buildings in downtown? it would be another appeal of art walk, it’ll also help give more life to downtown.

Terry – Thinking the same thing.
Jack – How does DVI feel about street art?
Terry – If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.
Jason (ContentDG) – Familiar with the urban face-lift project?
Terry – $100,000 to contribute to Laura St facade improvement. Decorating on a dime. Rethinking spaces is one of the biggest challenges.
Jonathan – Budget?
Terry – Going to be a tough year. About 1.2 million. Looking at 50% budget cut.
Joey/Tony – Have you looked into social networking?
Terry – Facebook page, 2 MySpace pages, mobile website, DVI website


Joey: Content Design Group site and UJ/TT Mixtape Release Party
Tony: Eat Up Downtown and International Dog Day at the Riverside Arts Market.
Jonathan: Last Thirsty Thursday Suns Game
Terry: terry and The Sinclair
Jack: Infintesmal BBQ

Wednesday August 19
Club TSI
National Dairy

Thursday August 20
Jack Rabbits
Poison the Well

Friday August 21
Club TSI
Nomadic Sun
Juicy Pony
Honey Chamber

Shantytown Pub
Sleeping In the Aviary

Saturday August 22
Future Computers
D.M. Waltz

Infintesmal BBQ #4