Complete Urbismus photoset

For people who don’t know what is Urbismus? Are you a crew/collective? Is this your first street art project in Jacksonville?

Urbismus (lat. city mice/urban rats) is mainly a collaborative of 2 artists, but we use help and input from a number of others. This is our first street art project in Jacksonville. We consider it an installation specifically designed to bring awareness to certain troubling issues concerning DT (Downtown) Jax: the vast number of empty, unused buildings.

To me, the style of your current work seems heavily influenced by another prominent international street artist Swoon. Was her style a big influence or does it come from somewhere else?

Swoon’s work is definitely a big influence (along with Judith Supine’s), but most people draw parallels with Banksy which although extremely flattering, doesn’t compare in our opinion. We purposely didn’t want to make a strong political or controversial statement (not yet) for this particular installation. We noticed that although starved of street life, downtown is being closely watched. While many buildings are boarded up and slowly crumbling, graffiti, stickers and Sitemap