#jaxmayor Episode #6 โ€“ Bringing A Tank To A Knife Fight

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“what she said” Wow! Audrey Moran brought a tank to a knife fight. The other guys sound like they’re lost sticking to the script. -Tweeted by @KevinF photo credit: KB35

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In This Episode

We recap Monday’s debate from the University club where the fists start flying between Moran and Mullaney.

Early voting is happening now
The election is March 22 (2 weeks away)

ThinkVoteJax Debates
ThinkVoteJax – stream all the debates at http://www.wjct.tv
Thursday 3/3 at 8pm The role of government in Growth/the Environment
Sunday 3/6 at 10am School Matters Special: Mayoral Forum on Education
Monday 3/7 at 8pm Debate #2 The role of government in Economic Development
Thursday 3/17 at 8 Debate #3: The role of government in Public Health & Safety


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Monday’s Channel 4 Debate

Mayoral candidate Warren Lee was fired for soliciting petitions


First attack ad in Jacksonville mayoral race runs early by mistake


Rival mocks Rick Mullaney’s 34-point plan: “Point 35 is ‘When desperate, go negative


TU Editorial Board Endorsement of Audrey Moran


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Urban Jacksonville Weekly #53 – Trey Csar from the Jacksonville Public Education Fund

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Trey Csar speaking last year at Terry Parker for a Learning To Finish Announcement

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Special Guests – Trey Csar (Jacksonville Public Education Fund), Mary Kelli (Education Reporter)

Upcoming School Board Town Hall Meetings

Thursday, March 11
Sandalwood High School, 2750 John Prom Blvd, 32246

Tuesday, March 16
Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology, 7450 Wilson Blvd., 32210

Thursday, March 18
Jean Ribault High School, 3701 Winton Dr., 32208

Tuesday, March 23
Mandarin High School, 4831 Greenland Rd., 32258

Jacksonville Public Education Fund

  • new group
  • help school district realign and refocus as a system
  • ___ Collaborative
  • “critical friend” of school board
  • if half the dropouts had graduated last year, we’d have an additional $$$???
  • not enough money
  • school day reduced by 45 minutes
  • what needs to be done with the little money available
  • another brutal year
  • anticipated shortfalls will not be pretty
  • fairly progressive with local revenue
  • member of state consortium
  • lack the patience to allow the value of education to bear fruit
  • Urban Education Symposium
  • Twitter – @jaxpef
  • elected v. appointed officials
  • more important who’s there rather than how they get there
  • school board is paid
  • give leaders freedom but accountability and they will be able to change schools
  • “visionary leader”
  • no excuses!
  • takes more than a year to move a school
  • plateaus are common
  • change takes time
  • judging teachers based on how well students do
  • work with state and union to ratify ____ memorandum
  • no appointed board members in FL
  • food fight
  • no one is happy with education quality
  • John Delaney
  • JTA appointed, JEA appointed (crappy beauracracies)
  • Constitutional issue


Joey – Ritz Theatre Thu Feb 25 “Panel of Pros”
Tony – Last week fro FRAM, RAM starts again Mar 6 “Riverwalk to RAM”
Jonathan – Toxic past haunts future of Jacksonville’s Hogans Creek
Trey – Cozy Tea Indian Dinner once a month
Mary – School Board Town Hall meeting dates
Jack – my mind is GONE, sorry

Coming Up on Urban Jacksonville Weekly

  • March 1st – Walk a Mile In Their Shoes with Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance join us to talk about Walk a Mile In Their Shoes, a 5K to benefit the Sulzbacher.
  • March 15st: Josh Jubinsky from the Jacksonville Public Library will join us to talk about the Zine collection.
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Jacksonville Public Education Fund on Urban Jacksonville Weekly Monday

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Education. Photo credit: woodleywonderworks
Photo credit: woodleywonderworks

Jacksonville Public Education Fund President Trey Csar guests on Urban Jacksonville Weekly Monday February 8th at 9:30am
w/ guest Mary Kelli Palka, education reporter at the Times-Union
Watch Live on UrbanJacksonvilleWeekly.com

One item that doesn’t get much positive attention in Jacksonville is education. Now that I’m a parent of 2 (gulp) children, it’s something I’m forced to think about on a weekly, and increasingly, daily basis as my 4 year old prepares to enter kindergarten.

Magnet school or neighborhood school? Private or public? Will we make the right decisions and how will they map the future course of our child’s education? One question we have answered is we’ll be staying right here in Duval County.

This Monday we’ll be talking to Trey Csar, President of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund. The non-profit organization was formed in 2009 to take the place of the former The Alliance for World Class Education, which worked for more than 10 years on teacher recognition and enhancing non-instructional areas of the Duval County school system.

It is focused on student achievement, especially for at-risk students and in lower-performing schools and has the following goals:

  • work with local education and community leaders to create programs to help reduce drop-outs
  • increase the graduation rate
  • erase the achievement gap

There’s not much information online about the JPEF so this should be an informative show. The best place to keep up with them is the Jacksonville Public Education Fund Twitter account.

Required Reading

Five Strategies to Help Education Leaders Break Free
Knowledge is Power Program
Teach for America
Duval schools joins Race to the Top bid with union’s backing

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