Urban Jacksonville Weekly 57: State of the Re:Union Edition

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Urban Jacksonville Weekly 57: State of the Re:Union Edition

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Special Guest – Al Letson (SOTRU)
Producer’s note: Al is “responsible” for every flight that has ever been cancelled on me

Show Sponsor:
Walk A Mile In Their Shoes March 27 benefitting the Sulzbacher Center
walk, run or sleep in
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Bold Bean Coffee

State of the Re:Union

  • Applied for PRX Public Radio Talent contest 3 years ago
  • idea: losing local flavor, homogenization
  • Clear Channel owns EVERYTHING!
  • lo-fi garage band submission made Top 10
  • 3 out of 6 shows made the cut
  • NPR picked up the show
  • PRX (Public Radio eXchange) = distributor
  • CPB = $$$
  • NPR = distributor + network
  • PRX and NPR had never worked together before
  • SOTRU only crossover show between PRX/NPR
  • Black History Month program
  • public radio needs a dose of fresh air
  • not a news show
  • rich media
  • inspired by Ira Glass (This American Life) *spot-on impression*
  • stateofthereunion.com
  • Twitter – @alletson
  • video content as well
  • audio content allows you to do other things while you participate
  • this (ujw) is “serious business” – T
  • carried by WJCT (yay!)
  • 150 stations

Sounds of the Re:Union

  • local music of the locations featured
  • video podcast
  • separate but affiliated

UJW jocked SOTRU intro music (at first) ;)

funded by huge grant from CPB
responsible for raising own money as well
hitting up locals
donate on the website
Can’t spell LOCAL without “AL” – T

shows on Brooklyn, Greensburg, KS, New Orleans, Oregon, Milwaukee (May 1)
writing a book on grassroots solutions to American problems

Lyricist Hour tonight at nerdysouth.com

Next Week: Citrus Cel


Jack – Speed Mechanics
Tony – Saturday = River Day at RAM also March is River Month
Jonathan – beta.jacksonville.com
Al – Citrus Cel Animation Festival also, Nerdy South
Joey – Justified on FX

Other Events

Bike Porn
Warehouse Show
Art Friends Electric
Sulzbacher Benefit at Underbelly
TSI B&W Ball

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #55 – Monster Truck Backflip Edition

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Photo via JaxScene

All this month we’re supporting Walk a Mile In Their Shoes 5K

Walk a Mile In Their Shoes 5KSulzbacher Center
Saturday, March 27. Walk with Joey and Tony, we’re doing the one mile fun run with the kiddies! Abel is doing the 5K and Jack is sleeping in.

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A special thanks go to Abel Harding for joining us in the studio. Abel actual set the record for least amount of comments during the show. We love you man!

Coming Up on Urban Jacksonville Weekly

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Bold Bean Coffee
sippin on: Mexico Altura Chiapas

Return of RAM

C&W Tour/Burro Sales Trip
went awesome!
best show in Houston
Burro stuff being carried in new shops


Jonathan – keep on talk of budget talks
Abel – Penguins at the Zoo
Joey – Pecha Kucha 8 and The Warriors at the 5 Points Theatre
Tony – Gum Bunch Pub after RAM
Jack – shows!

TONIGHT – East of the Wall, Goes Cube, Galactoid and a surprise! @ The Devil’s Playground (Facebook Event)
MONDAY – Caspian, Antarctic, Arms & Sleepers @ Warehouse 8B (Facebook Event)

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #54 – Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

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Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance
Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance

Thanks to Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance for talking with us about Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, an event we’ll be supporting all month long at Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

4th annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 5K
Saturday, March 27, 2010
Register Online

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Tony Allegretti
Tony Allegracious, co-host


Tony 2010 RAM re-opening
Jonathan 13 Gypsies
Tom We’ll Always Be Pals
Kelly Pulp Juice and Yogurt in San Marco
Joey Spring Fashion Show at TSI (I’ll be DJ’n)

Comping Up On Urban Jacksonville Weekly

On March 15th we’ll have Josh Jubinsky in the studio to talk about the Zine program at the Jacksonville Public Library. Josh, or Mr. Josh, works in the children’s at the downtown branch and was instrumental in creation one of the largest public zine collections in the United States.

Zine: A zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced /?zi?n/ “zeen”) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier on a variety of colored paper stock.

Josh Talks About The Jacksonville Library's Zine Collection

video interview With Josh Jubinski (of inertia records) on jaxscene.blogspot.com for ‘zine’ program

Sarah Dougherty
Sara Dougherty, Sulzbacher Center PR

Monday on Urban Jacksonville Weekly – Walk a Mile In Their Shoes 5K

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walk a mile in their shoes 5K

We’re welcoming Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance to talk about Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, an event we’ll be supporting all month long at Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

This is the 4th annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes Event to benefit the Sulzbacher Center. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes will be held on Saturday, March 27, 2010 and will feature a 5K run and one-mile walk starting and ending at the Sulzbacher Center’s campus in downtown Jacksonville.

Here are some more notes about the race

  • Over 1,000 members of the Jacksonville Community are expected to take part in Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 2010
  • Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 2010 is a great way to support the Sulzbacher Center and have fun at the same time.
  • Registration: Includes t-shirt and ChampionChip timer
  • 5K Run early registration $25 until March 20th , $30 March 21st – 27th
    1-Mile Walk $20
  • The event will also feature a Health Fair with participation by Baptist Health, UNF Nursing, St Vincent’s Healthcare, the First Coast YMCA and other community health partners.

You can register online or at any 1st Place Sports location. Following the race, The Home Team, the center’s young professionals group, is hosting a social mixer at City Hall Pub with live music, food, and drink specials after the Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event.

Become a fan of The Sulzbacher Center or follow them on Twitter. You can also join The Home Team group on LinkedIn.

Non-Profit Social Media Monday: IGetItJax.com and Tales from the Line

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IGetItJax.com was launched this month by The Non-Profit Center.

it is a combined effort of Jacksonville’s nonprofit sector, representing those nonprofits that provide essential safety net assistance, cultural programming, economic development, and children’s services—all of which help make Jacksonville a compassionate, vibrant community.

The site aims to capture 10,000 surveys in about two weeks. So please, if you have time, complete the survey. It takes about minute, you can do it! Please pass this on to a friend, post on Facebook or tweet it.

This is another great example if how non-profits in the city are using digital media to communicate their message quick, viral and for little cost. Non-profits who begin building these social networks now will reap the benefits as their network expands in the years and months to come. If you are a non-profit, get started using these tools now, you’ll be happy you did.

Stories From The Line

The Sulzbacher Center continues to kill it with social media. Not only are they jumping into social media headfirst (and doing a good job at it) they’re now using media like video to convey their mission and message.

Three times a day men and women line up for a free meal at the Sulzbacher Center. They will feed anyone and everyone. Here is one story from the line:

How New Media is Shaping the Budget Debate: The Discussion Has Begun

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Mayor Peyton at the Fix It Now Press Conference

I would say new media is already shaping the Jacksonville budget conversation. If you read this weeks post from Metro Jacksonville, First Official Blogger Conference at City Hall, you can see how.

This was one of those moments where the City was well served and represented. Both by an Administration opening up to the new times, and by the representatives of those New Times themselves.

It was an unprecedented move by the city to solicit feedback from new media influencers and tastemakers in Jacksonville. I have no doubt many of our recommendations were noted and will be implemented.

While I won’t go into detail on what was said I will express my own opinion on the budget debate. I am for the millage increase. To me this sums it up.

We haven’t had a property tax increase in many years, even while inflation and the cost of city services continued to rise. Do opponents of the budget increase really think taxes will and should stay at their current levels? Should Jacksonville alway have some of the lowest tax rates in the state even while we are pushing the development boundaries of the largest landmass city in the U.S.? If not now then when? We can’t sustain the city without increasing taxes. Period. If anyone has a counter argument, I’d love to hear it.

Yesterday the city launched a massive public conversation campaign or maybe it started earlier with JaxObserver’s first show featuring Mayor Peyton.

You’re likely to hear the words budget, millage, increase, stupid and tea bag ad-nauseam for the next couple of weeks, so let’s get started. Here a selection of events and conversation circling the announcement today:

Tracking Budget News

I’ve created an RSS feed to track budget news, stories and info. You can get the budget RSS feed here.

Important Upcoming Budget Events

July 13, 2009 Mayor Peyton presents his proposed budget to City Council. 10 a.m., Council Chambers, City Hall (117 W. Duval Street)

July 21st, 2009 the Mayor will appear on Urban Jacksonville Weekly. Tune in live July 21st. Start sending your questions in now!

  1. Tweet your question using the #ujw hashtag or mention Urban Jacksonville Weekly in your tweet
  2. Leave a question on the Urban Jacksonville Facebook page
  3. Leave a comment on Urban Jacksonville or email urbanjacksonvilleweekly

In addition to appearing on UJW, the Mayor will participate in a series of live video webcast and chats, hosted by UJW broadcasting partner Jacksonville.com. These will live blogged by the talented Tia Mitchell and moderated by someone, not sure who yet. There are also plans for users to submit YouTube questions prior to the webcasts.

July 28, 2009 City Council votes on maximum millage 5 p.m., Council Chambers City Hall (117 W. Duval Street)

Budget Tweets (newest to oldest)

polkadotz: Coming in tomorrow’s TU: The urgency of audience. Mayor Peyton’s drive to convince a divided public on taxes.

coj_tweeters: @urbanjax AMIOs are special appointed employees paid on avg about $70,000/yr. Jaxpolitics did recent post on them: http://tiny.cc/DfXFM

urbanjax: COJ should remove Media and FAQ main nav until they have content. Media FAQ

polkadotz: Wondering if it would be more effective for cops to not boycott Gate, but break into mayor’s office and decorate it with Hess toys.

JacksonvillNews: Sulzbacher Center Fears Proposed City Budget Cuts – First Coast News: http://bit.ly/1mIJFy (Note: I love the way FCN allows people to share their videos, FAIL) and How Budget Cuts Would Impact Sulzbacher Center

coj_tweeters: Budget savings? Cut 166 AMIOs making over $11 million in salary. Mayor promised to reform AMIOs when elected, but hasn’t kept promise.

gotv63: Mayor Peyton speaking to Dalton Agency staff meeting about his FixItNow campaign.

Trending on: happn_in_jacks: mayor peyton’s

thewayhome: Email city council president Richard Clark at RClark and tell him you oppose the city’s proposed Sulzbacher Center budget cuts.

jax_just_in: Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton invites residents to discuss city budget http://tinyurl.com/nuaxr7

Jacksonville’s Budget Shaping Debates around Town and with JCCI

Lunch with the Mayor

Beginning next week, the mayor will host five lunch meetings from noon-1p.m. at area libraries. Residents are invited to bring their own lunch. Locations across the city have been selected for proximity to some of
the community’s larger business parks/complexes and residential areas to allow for easier access. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, July 16
Brown-Eastside Branch Library, 1390 Harrison St. call (904) 630-5466

Monday, July 27
Jacksonville Main Library, conference center multi-purpose room, 303 N. Laura St. call at (904) 630-2665

Thursday, Aug. 6
Pablo Creek Regional Library, 13295 Beach Blvd. call at (904) 992-7101

Tuesday, Aug. 11
Southeast Regional Library, 10599 Deerwood Park Blvd. call at (904) 996-0325

Wednesday, Aug. 26
Mandarin Regional Library, 3330 Kori Road call at (904) 262-5201

Town Halls with the Mayor

Also beginning next week, the mayor will host three town hall meetings in various locations across the community. All residents are invited to attend. All meetings will be held in the evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Thursday, July 16
Ed White High School cafeteria, 1700 Old Middleburg Road call at (904) 693-7620

Monday, July 20
Edward Ball Building, 1st floor training room, 214 N. Hogan St. call at (904) 630-CITY (2489)

Monday, Aug. 3
Ribault High School media center, 3701 Winton Drive call at (904) 924-3092

A timely lunchtime conversation on Our Money, Our City: Financing Jacksonville’s Future with Study Chair, J.F. Bryan IV

What kind of city do you want to live and work in? JCCI’s City Finance Study has become central to this year’s city budget debates, getting to the core question of just what quality of life our community wants. You will have unprecedented opportunities to contribute to answering that question in the coming weeks. Please join us for JCCI’s:

Wednesday, July 29th from 12:00 to 1:00 pm @ JCCI- 2434 Atlantic Blvd. Please feel free to bring your lunch. Drinks and desserts will be provided. RSVP to Earlene at earlene by Monday, July 27 or call 396-3052.