Urban Jacksonville Weekly Thursday Night at 7:30 with Ian Chase

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Tune in and Watch Live at Urban Jacksonville Weekly with you local visionary artist and restauranteur Ian Chase.

Jacksonville Public Library’s Zine Collection on the Show Monday

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Neither Josh or Andrew are in this picture. The recent Zine Symposium at Much Ado About Books

Josh Jubinsky and Andrew Coulon from the Main Library’s Zine collection will be on Urban Jacksonville Weekly tomorrow. I going to grill them with some hard hitting questions so tune in at 9:30 on the show page: Urban Jacksonville Weekly show page.

Question number one: Why do all zine creators where black?

Urban Jacksonville Weekly #54 – Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

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Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance
Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance

Thanks to Tom McManus and Kelly DeGance for talking with us about Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, an event we’ll be supporting all month long at Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

4th annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 5K
Saturday, March 27, 2010
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Tony Allegretti
Tony Allegracious, co-host


Tony 2010 RAM re-opening
Jonathan 13 Gypsies
Tom We’ll Always Be Pals
Kelly Pulp Juice and Yogurt in San Marco
Joey Spring Fashion Show at TSI (I’ll be DJ’n)

Comping Up On Urban Jacksonville Weekly

On March 15th we’ll have Josh Jubinsky in the studio to talk about the Zine program at the Jacksonville Public Library. Josh, or Mr. Josh, works in the children’s at the downtown branch and was instrumental in creation one of the largest public zine collections in the United States.

Zine: A zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced /?zi?n/ “zeen”) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier on a variety of colored paper stock.

Josh Talks About The Jacksonville Library's Zine Collection

video interview With Josh Jubinski (of inertia records) on jaxscene.blogspot.com for ‘zine’ program

Sarah Dougherty
Sara Dougherty, Sulzbacher Center PR

First Coast Connect and a Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly 50th Episode Spectacular

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Urban Jacksonville Weekly: Tony Allegretti, Joey Marchy, Jonathan Bennett, Tough Junkie and Jack Diablo (not pictured)
Urban Jacksonville Weekly: Tony Allegretti, Joey Marchy, Jonathan Bennett, Tough Junkie and Jack Diablo (not pictured)

First Coast Connect, Friday at 9:00

I’ll be on WJCT’s First Coast Connect this morning talking about Mayor Peyton lobbying members of the City Council for about $23 million in downtown improvements to increase public access and spruce up amenities on the St. Johns River. Listen here »

Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly, Saturday January 23rd at the Burrito Gallery

To celebrate our 50th Episode of Urban Jacksonville Weekly we’ll be doing a live show at the Burrito Gallery on Saturday January 23rd at 1:30pm. There will be lunch specials, giveaways and live performances by Tough Junkie.

Our special 50th Episode guest is Ian Ranne. Shantytown owner and one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the Urban Core. We will be taking questions from the audience and there may be a few more surprises in store so don’t miss it. More information to come.

Want to Sponsor the Show or Get Involved?

We are looking for a show sponsor and additional giveaway items. If you want to get involved contact me at joeymarchy

Tune in to Urban Jacksonville Weekly on Monday for Content Design Group

Photo courtesy of Metro Jacksonville and Content Design Group

Greg and Jason from Content Design Group will be in studio on Monday January 11th to talk about the Metro Jacksonville article Is Springfield Ready for a Car Wash? and the role they played in the architecture of the revised plans:

Can a car wash be a part of an urban revitalization plan? After heated opposition and misinformation dominating discussion about the 4th & Main project, owner Silas Jones has modified development plans to better integrate the project within the community. Can common ground be found that will finally lead to project approval and new life along the Main Street corridor?

Burro Bags on Urban Jacksonville Weekly Monday, December 7th

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Matt and Chris from Burro Bags. Copyright Jensen Hande
Matt Bort (left) and Chris Williams (right) from Burro Bags. Copyright Jensen Hande

Chris Williams from Burro Bags will be on Urban Jacksonville Weekly this Monday to talk about the current state of Springfield’s favorite messenger bag/t-shirt/accessory company. This month they’re hosting the second annual BBB Complex Art Show.

the BBB Complex Art Show features some of Jacksonville’s hottest artists customizing one-of-a-kind messenger bags, roll-tops, and hip bags. Artists have been selected and the date is set for December 12th.

We’ll talk about the art show and what’s next one of Jacksonville’s most innovative retail businesses. With a special guest appearance by Big Dunn in the studio.

Please be sure to watch the show live online at 9:30am. We’re testing new mic’d audio from the soundboard into the live internet stream, so it should sound awesome. Let us know what you think!

Watch Urban Jacksonville Weekly

9:30am Monday, December 7th
Send questions to Twitter and Facebook or txt me at 294-4800.

BBB Complex Art Show

If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor or to donate items for the raffle. It’s a great opportunity to get your company/store/restaurant/whatever name out there so let us know if you want to be involved (burrobags).

Big Dunn

All’s Well That’s Pineapple: Dwayne and T.K. Episode 7 and How To Attack West 4th Street

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Dwayne and T.K. Episode #7 - All's Well That's Pineapple

Read all 6 Dwayne and T.K. episodes. Hey it’s Friday take a break! Thanks to Big Baby Birdie for his hard work in this series. Find more Haiku Birdie on his site: http://www.thehaikulife.com.

This week marks a new Zombie Bikes, the beginning of the end for the Riverside Arts Market, continued courthouse blunders and a decade of Money Hungry Jungle.

And though it didn’t happen this week I sympathize with JaxScene’s boot troubles downtown. Bad User Experience. While the entire city may be falling into a state of apathy, hate and pro football dissatisfaction, we keep it real at Urban Jacksonville and bring the love all day, err day.

How To Attack West 4th Street

How To Attack West 4th Street

This is a special section for those Springfield residents required to enter 4th Street from Main. Everyone in the neighborhood knows 4th between Main and Laura is an old cobblestone street with terrible bumps and bruises. You’ll spill your coffee if you take the wrong line, so follow this recommendation and you’ll hit the cleanest line on the street.

When you turn left on 4th from Main, stay as far left as you can. This will help you avoid the big pot hole right at the intersection. Continue to drive as close to the curb as possible all the way to Laura Street for a smooth ride.

Urban Jacksonville Weekly on Monday

Have a good weekend everyone and get pumped for Urban Jacksonville Weekly on Monday morning. We’re having Jon Bosworth on the show to talk about the Conmoto Music Festival November 20th-21st in Downtown Jacksonville. Check out all the bands, good local music festival.

Jaguars on Urban Jacksonville and New Contributor Gil Samson

We started a new column last week on the Jaguars with new contributor and old friend Gil Samson. This column has two stated goals:

  1. Increase awareness and visibility of Jacksonville’s NFL franchise in an attempt to keep the team, an important economic development and branding opportunity for the city, here as long as possible
  2. Get linked in the Reading the Coverage column of Paul Kuharsky’s AFC South blog on ESPN.

Please let Gil and I know what you think about the new column. We would love your feedback. Here are linkes to GIl’s first two posts:

Defense is the Key to Any Successful Hunt
Hey Jaguars Fans: This is Rebuilding!

Terry Lorince Tonight on Urban Jacksonville Weekly

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Photo credit: Tiffany Manning

If you have questions for Terry about Downtown Vision or downtown itself, leave a comment. Here is Terry’s bio from the DVI site:

Terry Lorince became the first executive director of Downtown Vision Inc. (DVI) in 2001. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of economic development, with ten years of specialization in the field of downtown revitalization.

Prior to coming to Jacksonville, Terry was the deputy executive director of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. In the past five years, Downtown Vision has been involved in making Downtown Jacksonville cleaner, safer and more attractive, addressing Downtown’s parking issues, marketing Downtown Jacksonville and becoming an advocate for the interests of Downtown. More recently, Downtown Vision has developed a Downtown Platform to guide the development of Downtown in the coming years.

Terry has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Science in Management and Policy Analysis from Carnegie Mellon University . She is a Board member of the International Downtown Association, the Florida Theatre and the Jacksonville Film Festival.

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