Times-Union Article Clarifications

I just wanted to post a few clarifications to the Times-Union article. Overall I am really impressed with the article. Neither myself or blogging in general was misrepresented. If you are just arriving from the article, check out my welcome mat post that explains a little more about Urban Jacksonville.

  1. I was not posing on the bridge, I was actually taking pictures. Those pictures turned out like crap, but oh well. Here is a link to the pictures I took that day
  2. I had my blog birthday on Saturday
  3. Most of the We the media quotes in the article come from a post I wrote called Urban Manifesto.
  4. In the sentence describing what a blog is, Chase refers to the individual blog posts as essays. Post is a official term, but I guess for the sake of simplicity, essay works.
  5. Even though Steve contends Metro Jacksonville is a blog, it does not allow readers to comment and participate in the conversation taking place on the website. This fact alone, prevents it from being classified as a blog. Enable comments, you have a blog.
  6. Jet’s blog Tower of C, while it has the characteristics of a blog, it is actually a podcast. The only content is weekly audio post.

My favorite quote from the article comes from Nate of Ricotta Park. He says:

What’s so interesting about it right now is that you can really shape the form. There are not really standards, not really rules.

And this is so true and why blogging in Jacksonville is so exciting. We are at a time in the development of this technology where a single person can have a huge impact. So if you are thinking about blogging, stop thinking and get started. One thing I want to suggest before you start is spend some time reading other blogs and getting a feel for the do’s and dont’s. Also pick up a copy of the Cluetrain Manifesto and Naked Converstations. Both of these books were instrumental in forming my thoughts on blogging and citizen media.

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