Uncommon Grounds closing? Benefit Tuesday the 17th.

Owl will be hosting a benefit for Uncommon Grounds in San Marco. Here are the details:

Tuesday the 17th at TSI. Help out Uncommon Grounds, San Marco’s only family-owned coffee shop. They’ve been hit pretty hard by the construction at Hendricks and Atlantic. If they don’t raise a considerable sum of money by Friday (they’re making efforts too, of course), they’ll go under, and a unique local biz will be promptly replaced by another a. wal-greens, b. cash-a-check, or c. starbucks.

Owner and San Marco resident Denise, who’s done everything short of selling her car to stay afloat, is confident that if she can make it over this hump, she’ll be set – the construction at that intersection will be done in December (supposedly), the weather will be getting cooler (rendering coffee more lucrative), and St. Joe will soon break ground on a six-story mixed-use development across the street from the shop.

Come hear good bands, drink good drinks and feel good about yourself. Feel free to donate that jug of change and lint sitting in your closet. (I hear NPR’s pledge drive is going just fine.)

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