Urban Jacksonville Weekly 57: State of the Re:Union Edition

Special Guest – Allan
Producer’s note: He is “responsible” for every flight that has ever been cancelled on me

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State of the Re:Union

  • Applied for PRX Public Radio Talent contest 3 years ago
  • idea: losing local flavor, homogenization
  • Clear Channel owns EVERYTHING!
  • lo-fi garage band submission made Top 10
  • 3 out of 6 shows made the cut
  • NPR picked up the show
  • PRX (Public Radio eXchange) = distributor
  • CPB = $$$
  • NPR = distributor + network
  • PRX and NPR had never worked together before
  • SOTRU only crossover show between PRX/NPR
  • Black History Month program
  • public radio needs a dose of fresh air
  • not a news show
  • rich media
  • inspired by Ira Glass (This American Life) *spot-on impression*
  • stateofthereunion.com
  • Twitter – @alletson
  • video content as well
  • audio content allows you to do other things while you participate
  • this (ujw) is “serious business” – T
  • carried by WJCT (yay!)
  • 150 stations

Sounds of the Re:Union

  • local music of the locations featured
  • video podcast
  • separate but affiliated

UJW jocked SOTRU intro music (at first) 😉

funded by huge grant from CPB
responsible for raising own money as well
hitting up locals
donate on the website
Can’t spell LOCAL without “AL” – T

shows on Brooklyn, Greensburg, KS, New Orleans, Oregon, Milwaukee (May 1)
writing a book on grassroots solutions to American problems

Lyricist Hour tonight at nerdysouth.com

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