Urban Jacksonville Weekly Episode #26

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Episode #26
Special Guests: J and T of REAX Magazine

REAX/JaxScene Merger
J – REAX is music/culture mag for FL out of Tampa
cover local and national bands
interested in Jax since HoH
E (sales) stationed here in Jax
Jax is very welcoming
T – FL cities have their own cultural identity but share a bond
bands are getting love in other FL cities thanks to REAX
J – Jax somewhat isolated music-scene
will REAX help build a reputation?
J – spotlight what’s already going on
catalyst for exposure
bring artists together
J- REAX divided into regional areas
J – very niche magazine
a lot of attention put into design
great staff
J – how will JaxScene work into it?
J – REAX is lucky to be in Jax
REAX + JaxScene = like-minded

T is the jam!
How will JaxScene change?
J– starting slow, we’ll find out together
geosites – end of August – localized content
T – perfect match
T – content-wise, no major changes
keeping the culture side intact
J – every city feels like the grass is greener
T – not that Jax lags but that people just don’t know
tearing down the demographics

Web Presence for Print Publications
J – magazine is a roadmap
web important to get info out fast
tangible paper is still relevant
print supports the web


Club TSI
The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (NYC)

The Sinclair
City Lights Bloom (Jax)

Dark Castle (St. Augustine)
Bloody Panda (NYC)

Club TSI – Summertime In the City!

Shantytown – Summertime In the City!

J – Chiaroscuro, Baby trailer
T – Summertime In the City
J – Thursto Mural Painting
T – Indie Endeavors radio show 89.9 11pm on Tuesdays
J – River Terrace stage at RAM
J – BBB Pizza Party 5pm 1520 N. Main St (Burro open house)

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