Urban News and Linkage: The Heads in a Jar Edition

First some news to get out of the way. Monday February 1st on Urban Jacksonville Weekly we’ll have Ken talk about his new San Marco gallery space SUPER WONDERFUL. The line-up for the first gallery show on Friday, February 12th.

Urban Core Vision Plan Steering Committee Meeting

Urban Core Vision Plan to be Unveiled
Seeing these renderings makes me want to cry. It’s what Jacksonville can be if it realizes its potential. (via Metro Jacksonville)

Ed Ball Building – 1st Floor Training Room
214 N. Hogan St.
5:30 – 7:30p.m.

Events from Facebook

WAREHOUSE SHOW – Of Legend, Chicken & Whiskey, Bermuda (flyer)
Art Walk at the ZINE Library
Home Team Happy Hour – Young Professionals Supporting Sulzbacher
Undraped – Underbelly Grand Opening(Interview)

The Gallery Group at The Art Institute of Jacksonville Presents Recent Portraits Exhibition

“For the past six months I have worked on a show of portraits. All information that I have deemed unnecessary has been removed. The result is an isolation and examination of the most important and expressive part of the human body: the head. The people I have chosen to draw have all fascinated me at one time or another. Some are well known celebrities while others are local artists, who in my opinion should be considered just as important.”

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