What Happened at TSI Friday Night

As some of you may have read in the comments TSI has been closed for now, they will reopen soon. Brad, the promotions and booking manager posted this message:

***TSI will be closed as of last night till an undeterminable time***
This includes the Wet Hot American Summer Party and The Art & Music Mixer

We want to be sure to put the actual events out there to clear up any speculation and assumption. Last night (Friday) at 10:30pm, just as the first band was scheduled to take the stage, TSI was subjected to a random raid. These are common.

JSO’s Drug Abatement Response Team aka D.A.R.T. along with several code inspectors entered the nightclub, ordered all customers to line up and exit the building. They randomly checked ID’s of those leaving. One individual presented a false ID to the officer, was then searched and was in possession of a small amount of Marijuana. He then admitted that he was in fact only 19 and was arrested thereafter. The building was then posted with a “D.A.R.T.” posting declaring the building condemned.

The building received this posting because of the fact that drugs (though a small amount and on a customer) were found in the building. The building in general was also in violation of city codes, which can be repaired.

TSI will remain closed until these issues are resolved.

We sincerely apologize to all of you who came out last night to see the bands and to say farewell to Roy. We are also sorry if this put a damper on your party schedule. We recommend that you all throw your own personal Wet Hot American Summer Parties.

Brad also asked me to tack this on about the City’s DART program:

The Jacksonville “Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) was established to combat illegal drugs in Jacksonville by supplementing the traditional approach to solving the drug problem. This program is a partnership between the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and numerous governmental agencies to focus on the property where drug activity flourishes. By working with landlords/property owners, strategies are developed and resources are brought to bear to reduce drug activity. Actions include bringing the property up to code, because blighted properties foster illegal activities.

This is a very broad definition of what the DART program was created for. There was no evidence of “flourishing drug activity” beyond the isolated incident mentioned above. Silly city. Way to embarrass a downtown institution who brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into the downtown economy over a nickel bag. COJ FAIL!

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