Zombie Bikes Grand Opening – Bury Your Bike

Zombie Bikes, a bike co-op in Springfield, kicks off it grand opening tonight with a critical mass and ending with live music at Shantytown.

Here’s all the events and the times for the 3 day mega-bike event

  • Polo Tournament – Represent your city!
  • Zombie themed Alleycat – On Sunday!, with a lot of miles through 2 cemeteries (one being Evergreen – The largest in Florida!)
  • Dirt Jump Jam – Behind the shop will be freshly set up with a full dirt jump course and a jump to wallride off the shop’s walls.
  • Live Bands – Too many to list here, there will a be a show every night!
  • Bike Games – Footdown, Skids, Tricks (BMX, Fixed, Tall, Chopper…)
  • Tall Bike Race – Down the Riverwalk, Up and down spiral bridges
  • Tall Bike Jousting – At afterparty – Wild Bill’s No. 8 Saloon
  • Kid-Bike Dirt Race – On the dirt jumps to kick off the comp
  • Tandem Sprints – Couples race down Springfield Alleys
  • Tall Bike Team Build-off – Two Teams will be given a welder, grinder and two bikes to make the best tall bike.

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