Who Is?


Back in June when all this started I had no expectations of what it would become, but I knew one thing. I wanted the author of Urban Jacksonville to be a mysterious entity. I wanted to give the appearance to readers that Urban Jacksonville was an organization with writers, photographers and editors. These plans quickly dissolved and the identity of Urban Jacksonville was revealed.

So now I want to come out from behind the curtain and say hello. My name is Joven. I am 28 and I live in Springfield. I grew up on the southside of Jacksonville and went to college at UNF. I am married and my wife and I just had a baby. In 2003 I left Jacksonville for Minneapolis. While in Minneapolis I saw what a great city was and I new Jacksonville could be a great city too. My 3 years in the midwest inspired me to start this blog.

What inspires me now is the potential of Downtown and Springfield. A national shift towards urbanization has focused attention on these once depressed areas. I want to be be part of the action and make a contribution to the revitalization of the urban core. Another motivation for revealing my already-common-knowledge identity is to build a more personal relationship with the readers. So if you see me out and about stop me and say hi. I want to know what you think.

Now to address my writing style. Why do you say we when you write? Our original intention was to have network of contributors for the blog so we would be more than one. That wish never materialized. We strongly believe the time will come, so in anticipation of having lots of contributors from around the city I will continue to use the plural writing style.

And now, on with the show.